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'The Transhumanist Wager' by Zoltan Istvan by Kyrel Zantonavitch: book review of stunning new novel on "transhumanism"; consideration of its story and somewhat of its radical new philosophy.    (published late August of 2014)

Objectivist Resolves by Gennady Stolyarov II: summary of Objectivist philosophy; petition for, and commanding statement of, Objectivism's major claims.    (published early June of 2012)

On Ayn Rand On Racism by Brad Trun: considers Ayn Rand's views of racism, especially with regard to blacks; brave, honest, dispassionate examination; careful, systematic consideration of a controversial subject where mindless, immoral political correctness and multi-culturalism dominates.    (published early February of 2012)

The Liberal Manifesto by Kyrel Zantonavitch: partial answer to The Communist Manifesto; an attempt to explain politics, government, and the law better than anyone else ever has before.    (published late June of 2011)

Interview with Professor JOHN DAVID LEWIS: interview of world's leading war theorist and professor of the classics John David Lewis; observations on Islam, Communism, Nazism, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Vietnam, Korea, Russia, China, American civil war; the significance of morality, WMDs, self-defense, intellectual knowledge and confidence.    (published mid-July of 2010)

Interview with Philosopher JOHN HOSPERS: interview of academic philosopher and semi-Objectivist John Hospers; author of many books on philosophy, and associate of revolutionary thinker Ayn Rand; possible final interview prior to June 2011 death.    (published late March of 2010)

Is Orthodox Objectivism a Religion? by NEIL PARILLE: examination of pseudo-Objectivist cultism; considers and condemns the religiosity of The Ayn Rand Institute and its leader Leonard Peikoff; fair-minded, low-key, methodical look at a controversial subject.    (published mid-March of 2010)

Aspects of Social Morality by KYREL ZANTONAVITCH: brief sketch of new ethical theories; pure liberalism, radical individualism, human happiness -- and social duty.    (published mid-January of 2009)

They Say/We Say by BOSCH FAWSTIN: the truth about the culture clash between Islam and the West; the reality of "the war on terror"; how Muslims see Islam vs. how the West sees Islam; Western dishonesty, cowardice, rationalization, and intellectual incompetence.    (published late November of 2008)

National Self-Determination vs. Individual Self-Determination by GENNADY STOLYAROV II: the real meaning of freedom for governments and peoples; how and why individual liberty is more important than collective autonomy and self-rule; thoughts on freedom for all nations.      (published late June of 2008)

Interview with Islamic Expert and Cultural Warrior ROBERT SPENCER: incisive examination of salient issues in today's war between the West and Islam; the culture of civilized Western liberalism vs. the culture of Islamic jihad and sharia; ideas discussed include freedom, tyranny, Greco-Romanism, Judeo-Christianism, atheism, and the Enlightenment; a brief and direct survey.      (published early May of 2008)

The Ideological Origins of Right and Left by KYREL ZANTONAVITCH: right-wing conservatism and left-wing progressivism before the French Revolution; new look at last 2600 years of intellectual history; seeing Objectivism in context; liberalism vs. Objectivism.     (initial version published mid-2008; updated version from early March 2010)

Atlas Shrugged and Economics by EDWARD YOUNKINS: considers the economic theories and descriptions related in the novel Atlas Shrugged; evaluates Rand's knowledge thereof despite not being a professional economist; praises the way useful information is conveyed without didacticism; considers how the book teaches economics without deranging or disbalancing the novel's story-arc or heroes.      (published mid-April of 2008)

Interview with Burmese Dissident and Freedom-Fighter AUNG DIN: wide-ranging interview with former Burmese student leader; exclusive conversation about the recent Buddhist-led uprising, and its suppression by the military junta; thoughts on how to help or liberate the long-suffering people of Burma.      (published late October of 2007)

The War On Islam by KYREL ZANTONAVITCH: meditation on the "war on terror" on the sixth anniversary of 9/11; how to actually win this war; consideration of various aspects of what's really going on here -- and what should be in this monumental "clash of civilizations."      (published on 9/11 of 2007)

The True Meaning of "Civil Rights" by WILLIAM DWYER: title tells it; real civil rights vs. today's counterfeit variety; genuine legal equality between the races and sexes as opposed to privilege and favoritism; the falsity and evil of "affirmative action."      (published late August of 2007)

Reasonism by KYREL ZANTONAVITCH: attempt to introduce a new word and concept to the world; the basic and best viewpoint of the West; the essence of the 2600-year-old philosophic and scientific thought-system; Western liberalism explained.      (published late July of 2007)

What Intellectuals Forget: Ideas Require Application by GENNADY STOLYAROV II: consideration of the relationship between beliefs and behavior; takes modern intellectuals to task for their deliberate, proud impracticality; argues words and deeds relate, and need to cohere; condemns today's proclivity for empty intellectualizing.      (published mid-April of 2007)

Textbook of Americanism by AYN RAND: early and rare foray by Rand into the realm of non-fiction; written for the movie industry in 1946; principally deals with politics, but hints at the future revolutionary philosophy of Objectivism.      (published late November of 2006)

Austrian Economics and Objectivism by EDWARD W. YOUNKINS: compares and contrasts the pro-freedom economics of the Austrian School and the pro-reason philosophy of Objectivism; observes how much they cohere, and how Austrianism informed and anticipated Objectivism.      (published early May of 2006)

Candide, Pococurante, Rational Expectations, and Human Flourishing by GENNADY STOLYAROV II: meditation on Voltaire's classic short novel Candide; examines the various diverse characters and considers which is most rational and wise; analyzes which presents the best path to happiness and why.      (published mid-April of 2006)

David Kelley, Modernist Culture, and the Islamist Threat by KYREL ZANTONAVITCH: title tells it; brief critique of David Kelley's outstanding May 2002 article on The War Against Modernity. (see External Analysis section)      (published mid-December of 2005)

The Backbone of Benevolence by ANDY POSTEMA: original and challenging meditation on various aspects of the Objectivist virtue of benevolence; argues that this is generally a species of justice and objective judgment, not universal "niceness;" considers when forgiveness is proper and moral, and when it's actually better to be harsh.     (published late November of 2005)

Charity Not a Proper Function of the American Government by WALTER E. WILLIAMS: historical examination of the American Founding Fathers' thoughts on the General Welfare clause and fundamental governmental authority; considers the views of Franklin Pierce, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and others; explains how and why the United States' Constitutional Framers rejected charity as a proper and legitimate function of the federal government.      (published late September of 2005)

Tolerating Intolerance: Why Hate Speech is Free Speech by JONATHAN RICK: considers the value of free speech and open discussion in society on the subject of "hate"; argues that there are many simple, effective, superior ways to counter bigotry without resort to censorship; a careful, rounded, documented meditation on the overall benefits of America's First Amendment even -- and especially -- with regard to unpleasant, controversial, ugly issues.      (published late September of 2005)

Religion and Absolute Moral Values by REGINALD FIREHAMMER: discusses the supposed nexus between religion and morality, especially today's Christianity; an examination of the implications of moral absolutism, and the difference between moral comandments and moral principles; condemns traditional religion, the humanist alternative, and the Ten Commandments.      (published mid-September of 2005)

Social Toleration by KYREL ZANTONAVITCH: considers the social ideal of "toleration"; meditation on biological and cultural human differences, and what they portend for the great goals of solidarity, unity, and brotherhood; argues for the truth about genetic differences and the freedom to exploit them.      (published late July of 2005)

The Only Path to Tomorrow by AYN RAND: the novelist-philosopher's first formal foray into non-fiction; obscure 1944 essay from Reader's Digest in which two human archetypes are compared; brief intellectual and psychological history of man; fascinating contrast with, and anticipation of, her 50-page treatment of same in 1961.      (published early July of 2005)

MICHAEL BADNARIK Interview: The 2004 Libertarian Party candidate for United States president discusses political strategy, idealism, communism, libertarianism, and Objectivism.      (published early June of 2005)

Rhazes: The Thinking Western Physician by GENNADY STOLYAROV II: examines the life, profession, and philosophy of nineth century Islamic doctor Rhazes; considers how this implicit "Objectivist" triumphed in a world of extreme illiberalism; draws various implications and lessons for today's medical professionals.      (published late May of 2005)

Islam And Intellectual Terrorism by IBN WARRAQ: considers and condemns today's intellectual climate regarding the study of Islam; argues that "political correctness," gross threats, etc. largely forbid any open honest exegesis of historical and current fundamentalist Islam.      (published late May of 2005)

A Philosophy For Living On Earth by PETER SAINT-ANDRE: Objectivism examined; happiness as viewed by Rand, Aristotle, and others; survival vs. flourishing in Objectivist ethics.     (published mid-May of 2005)

A Conservative Explains the Virtue of America by JASON PAPPAS: explores how even exceptionally strong conservatives don't really understand and can't properly defend America; argues for the centrality of a proper philosophy and moral code in advancing American principles worldwide; illustrates the limitations of the thought of Dinesh D'Souza and other prominent American conservatives.     (published early May of 2005)

Liberal Islam: Prospects and Challenges by CHARLES KURZMAN: title tells it; pre-9/11 meditation on liberal currents in Islamic thought and culture; original and provocative thesis exploring how today's Islamic societies may have considerably more hope for reform and liberalization than Westerners realize.     (published late April of 2005)

D'Souza Says He Doesn't Know by DAVID M. BROWN: examines how often-times brilliant conservative thinker Dinesh D'Souza says he knows he doesn't know; considers D'Souza's God and epistemology; explores aspects of the illogic and self-contradiction of Kantian skepticism and irrationality.      (published mid-April of 2005)

Tibor Machan's Book 'Classical Individualism' by RUSSELL MADDEN: contrasts the individualism of Hobbes, Hayek, Rand, etc.; considers which version best results in and justifies economic capitalism and social libertarianism; rejects the traditional dichotomy between the moral and the practical with regard to extreme individualism and pure political liberalism.      (published early April of 2005)

Faith's War Against Worldliness by WAYNE DUNN: shows how religion stands against all of life and material reality; argues that prior to Aquinas and the Renaissance, Christianity was just as evil and illiberal as today's Islam.      (published late March of 2005)

Machiavelli and Erasmus Compared by GENNADY STOLYAROV II: contrasts two pivotal contemporaneous Renaissance intellectuals, including their private success and public influence; argues Machiavelli led to pragmatism, realpolitik, war, and tyranny while Erasmus led to principle, virtue, peace, and liberty.      (published mid-March of 2005)

Ideas Matter: Why Civilizations Clash by JONATHAN RICK: consideration of, and gloss on, Paul Berman's 2003 book Terror and Liberalism; explores the essence of American and Islamic culture; analysis of the ideology of tyranny and terror -- and the illiberalism of "political Islam."      (published mid-March of 2005)

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