The Liberal Institute


(Early Articles from The Liberal Institute written by Kyrel Zantonavitch)

Our Cheater's World and How to Win: how to live rationally, virtuously, and honestly in an irrational, unvirtuous, dishonest world.      (published late February of 2005)

Tribal Revenge, Religious Forgiveness, Liberal Justice: primitive social morality along with the religious and rational alternatives.      (published mid-February of 2005)

The Ideal Society: the elite vs. the masses -- short and to-the-point.      (published early February of 2005)

Genius, Saint, Monster: thoughts on the 100th anniversary of Ayn Rand's birth.      (published early February of 2005)

God Really IS Omnipresent and Omnipotent: the impact and power of god and religion in the West.      (published mid-January of 2005)

The Liberal Mind-Set: how liberals think; the ideal approach and attitude toward rationality.      (published late December of 2004)

The Early Objectivist Approach to Reason and Happiness: meditation on pre-1968 fundamental Objectivist philosophy; where and how this pre-cursor to pure liberalism goes wrong.      (published late December of 2004)

Good-Bye, Cold Cruel World!: consideration of foreign policy indifference since the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia; why no-one seems to give a damn about his neighbors.      (published mid-December of 2004)

Rand's Epigone: analysis of Leonard Peikoff's October 2nd, 2001 meditation on 9/11; critique of the thought of "the world's foremost authority on Objectivism."      (published early October of 2004)

The Not-Quite-Right Rival of Liberalism : title tells it; Objectivism reconsidered.      (published mid-September of 2004)

Why Do All Those #$!8%#$!s Hate Us?: thoughtful disquisition and meditative scholarly analysis of why the Third World seems to dislike America and the West so much.      (published early September of 2004)

Civilizing The Savages: concrete, systematic, point-by-point guide to "nation-building" and "teaching democracy" in the Third World; what America should have done in Afghanistan and Iraq.      (published late August of 2004)