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Good-Bye, Cold Cruel World!

From 1618 all the way to 1648, variegated Catholics and Protestants in Europe fought the bloody, messy, devastating Thirty Years War. One predictable result was a vast and banal anti-war sentiment all across Western Civilization. But another result, as enshrined in the Peace of Westphalia treaty, was the death of a kind of wonderful, loving, benevolent Human Universalism. The sundry, war-weary, intellectually-bankrupt Catholics and Protestants from virtually all corners of Europe decided -- in a more-or-less firm and final manner -- to no longer try to "save the souls" of their fellow man. Each nation decided to leave each other nation alone on pivotal and essential philosophical and moral issues. This landmark decision to let one's existential comrades-at-arms, at least theoretically, "burn in hell forever," constitutes a sound and thorough defeat for the Brotherhood of Man.

And this indifferent, cold, hostile, hateful violation of our ineluctable, ubiquitous, implicit Social Compact continues to this day. A century and a third after the Thirty Years War ended, the magnificent American Revolution finished on a note of triumph for all of mankind. But the Americans immediately decided -- in their relationship with the rest of the planet -- to systematically avoid "entangling alliances" as George Washington put it, and to not "go in search of foreign monsters to slay" as Thomas Jefferson put it.

This ghastly and inhuman Isolationism is even reflected in today's otherwise great, avant-garde Austrian, Libertarian, and Objectivist movements. Even Ayn Rand wanted America to eschew involvement in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. In her failure of ideology and intellectual impoverishment, she actually wanted the U.S. to look upon all of these conflicts with a kind of icy detachment as multitudinous good people and U.S. friends suffered and died. Even today leading Randian scholar Chris Sciabarra forever argues against a "constructivist" (i.e. pro-active) view of overseas social reform and warns of the deleterious "unintended consequences" of interference abroad. And today's broad-based "anti-war" libertarian opposition to the recent American-led liberation of Iraq is close to stunning. All of this anti-intellectual, amoral, quietist, defeatist, semi-pacifist Isolationism constitutes a shocking attack upon, and repudiation of, human idealism in general and social utopianism in particular [which see Chris Sciabarra's 1995 book 'Marx, Hayek, and Utopia'].

Today's world, then, is one of stunning atomism, isolationism, and gelid indifference to the fate and misery of one's fellow man. People nowadays do generally feel somewhat sorry for the wholly unnecessary suffering of their coevals -- but they militantly refuse to help out. When it comes to foreign policy, even tiny amounts of assistance for people in governmental agony are steadfastly refused on the grounds of today's brain-dead ideology and heartless belief-system. The West's former ambition and hope on this is now well dead.

In essence, ours is a pathetic, verminous world of United Nations style belief in ambiguous "autonomy" and undefined "self-government." Our motto is: "Leave the local yokel dictators alone!" Our philosophy is: "Let the tyrants thrive, and let the suffering masses go fuck themselves!"

There are two major massive tenets to today's genocidal space-alien-type ideology: (1) "Non-violation of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity" of foreign states, and (2) "Non-interference in the internal affairs" of foreign nations. The result of all this miserable and loathsome foreign policy philosophy is that the reactionary West and America adamantly refuse to perform the absolutely easy tasks of rescuing, saving, liberating, and unchaining the peoples of Burma, Sudan, Cuba, Brunei, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and every other god-damned suffering people.

This unfriendly, antisocial, inhuman foreign policy embodies and reveals stunning weakness, lowness, unself-confidence, and self-refutation on the part of today's Western liberal peoples and states. The ultimately self-hating, self-destroying people of the West simply have no excuse for this wanton depravity and very much themselves deserve to be destroyed for this sin. Our policy toward enslaved foreigners constitutes an incomprehensible, indefensible, almost indescribable evil which future generations will look upon with stupefaction and unrelieved horror. Today's dreary monstrous ideologies of socialism and islam continue to lay waste to the planet while the flagitious Western peoples and governments continue to essentially feel and do nothing.

Today's Western liberal foreign policy is monstrously depraved and one can only hope that a pure liberal foreign policy makes its advent sooner rather than later.