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World Conquerers

The inferiority-complex Russians and Chinese. The virtually infinitely wounded dignity and honor of the Russians and Chinese. The burning-with-embarrassment-and-shame Russians and Chinese. The massively humiliated and psychologically crushed Russians and Chinese.

They are so inferior to the Americans. And they so know it. Their personal failure is obvious to every last one of them. And to every other person on earth. And this publicly towering and resounding weakness, smallness, and infernal inferiority is carved into their very souls.

The Russian and Chinese monkeys are so desperate to escape these horrifying feelings of self-condemnation and self-loathing that they're willing to do almost anything to escape them. This certainly includes launching a nuclear war, which they're almost certain to lose.

A war which will unquestionably devastate practically the whole planet and earn the bestial Russians and Chinese the undying hatred of mankind just about forever. This will be something they richly deserve -- and they know it.

So perhaps these petty losers and wretched vermin won't start such a war. We'll see.

But just in case, America better gear up and stay really strong. And America's allies better work damned hard and smart to help out. Otherwise, the fate of the planet isn't good.

Because the depraved, failed, hideous, inferiority-complex Russians and Chinese are very much looking for an excuse to destroy it.    [from April 17th, 2018]

'Government by Contract'

Government should be by contract only. The citizen and the state should come to a mutual, official, legal agreement. All adults, upon turning 18 or 21 or so, should sign a formal, written, binding, social compact in which they agree to abide by the constitution and the laws of a given country in exchange for government services. This means in exchange for the defense of their liberty and the protection of their rights.

This essentially means the systematic, careful, full-time safeguarding of their person and property by professionally trained and armed government agents or civil servants. The would-be citizen or resident should freely agree to pay a certain fee -- say 3% per year of his local income or .5% per year of his local net worth -- in trade for expert police and military defense, plus court and jail services, plus the government administration thereof.

In theory the contractee of the state might be commanded to surrender some of his rights -- such as serving one year of military duty, or a lifetime of no slander or defamation in speech, or being subjected to subpoena coercion at any time. But the potential citizen or resident is always perfectly free to quit, or to refuse to join, such a slightly despotic state.

It's understood that at any time, for any reason, the citizen is free to immediately, unilaterally cancel his contractual agreement by giving brief, official, public or written notice. Thus he renounces his citizenship -- and consequent legal obedience and political loyalty -- to his former country and government. It's also understood that the government can strip him of his citizenship or political rights -- also by providing official, public notification slightly in advance -- for major violations of the constitution or law.

In both cases the person involved can either join another government or become a temporarily or permanently stateless person. But no fines, jail terms, or other civil penalties are allowed due to his "treason," especially not any property or wealth confiscation. If the former citizen owns land, and so chooses, he can theoretically become a one-man country. Or the previously-signed government contract may require him to sell his land for a fair price and then leave.

Because the former citizen or resident is no longer bound under political contract to some social group, and thus is no longer paying his service fees or "taxes", the old government will now stay off his private real estate, and will no longer necessarily protect his person or property from criminals and invaders, i.e. from any attackers or rights-violators. He must defend himself.

Moreover the newly independent person can no longer visit his former country without government permission, such as a visa of some kind. When such a person does visit he must temporarily subject himself to the local laws of the foreign government, and perhaps also pay some sort of visitor's fee.

Government by contract ensures that any given state is fully legitimate and proper in that it clearly and openly enjoys 100% of the consent of the governed, from its voluntary members. Convicted criminals may dispute this, but they freely chose to become citizens or residents prior to conviction. Their arrest, trial, and punishment should be entirely open, and a matter of public record, as well as completely based upon the principles of justice and individual rights, and a product of laws that the convicted criminal previously freely agreed to.

Without a formal, serious, contractual assent from the totality of its adult citizenry, and all free, sovereign individuals therein, any given government is not legitimate or proper, but instead a type of criminal syndicate or imposed tyranny which desperately needs to be avoided or obliterated.    [from May 18th, 2016]


People are good. At least in general and for the most part. People are socially virtuous. Given a chance, most people most times won't beat or rob you, nor lie to or betray you.

And not principally because they wish to avoid the retaliation of yourself and your allies, but simply because they don't want to do such things, and wouldn't enjoy them. They find that there's no personal profit in such anti-social activities. And the man of quality or noble soul is far better when it comes to this than the hoi polloi or massman discussed above. At the least, this seems like a fair and good evaluation of the two separate human species known as the masses and the elite.

Still, people are scum. All of them. Every last one. It's hard to like or respect any of them.

Aristotle should have found a way of being a public atheist. Or at least in his writings. It was so intellectually obvious and so societally needed. But he didn't.

Ayn Rand should have found a way of being a non-cultist intellectual leader. At least after she became famous and had a split with her top protégé. It would have been so simple and was so societally needed. But she didn't.

Both philosophical giants were slain by the essentially infinite evil of religion. These were sad and inglorious defeats of considerably contemptible figures. Future humans need to do a lot better.

Society is to blame for most of these two failures above. Human nature is evidently flawed and weak. Human beings are basically low animals. Mere monkeys and wretched repellent apes. And Aristotle and Ayn were way way ahead of their rather bestial times.

If the social milieu had been better -- if culture and civilization had been far more liberal in those eras -- then Aristotle and Ayn Rand would have found it quite easy to obtain the proper social status and assume the correct social station. Aristotle could not have been happy pretending that some "god" thing existed. Rand was not happy being a charismatic, cult-of-personality, philosophy leader devoid of peers, honest critics, and supporters and enemies she could respect.

If philosophical and cultural progress continues at its current rate, humans will likely ascend to a New Enlightenment and era of virtually pure liberalism in a century or so. In this period magnificent beings, but also mediocrities, like Aristotle and Ayn, will far better flourish, and much more intellectually teach, morally inspire, and spiritually ennoble all of us.    [from June 23rd, 2015]

'The Language of Liberation'

We may need a new vocabulary for political liberty. Some of the current and accepted welfare state language -- perhaps going back 5000 years, to Sumaria and Eqypt -- seems loose and awful. The very terms themselves largely aim at tyranny, evidently. Thus they likely subtly influence us, and psychologically condition us, to like and accept large aspects of political enslavement.

In particular, the words "govern" and "rule" may simply need to go. No-one wants to be governed or ruled by others. No-one wants to be controlled or compelled by the state -- and "government rulers" certainly seems to imply that. Ultimately, nobody should tolerate any sort of government, rule, control, or compulsion by Leviathan.

The legitimate purpose of government, and proper goal of our rulers, is to protect freedom and defend individual rights. Thus government should probably be called "protectment" or "defensement" or some such. Rulers should be called "protectors" or "defenders." By employing these terms the state would be naturally less inclined to lord it over us and boss us around. More importantly, we'd be far less likely to tolerate it.

The state's dependent, or even servile, status would be more apparent. Government agents would far more readily be seen as, and see themselves as, "public servants" or "social servers"; maybe even as societal "concierges" or "handmaiden" or "assistants" or even "gofers." The whole atmosphere around, and attitude toward, government might radically improve.

Not all of today's political language is dreadful or naturally authoritarian. The designations "president" and "prime minister" are considerably less bad than "governor" or "ruler." A president merely presides over the government and society; a prime minister merely ministers to them.

The term "mayor" seems even more innocuous. Few if any dictators ever aspire to, or use, that title. Altho' the Latin root of the word is still the ominous "greater/larger" or "major/dominant."

In the end, if we all lived under (or alongside) a libertarian law-system administered by a "protectment," and guided by a freedom-fighter and supreme political officer called a "defender," we'd probably have a lot more individual liberty, with far greater justice for all. The state would be much more a protector of the rights of man and defender of Natural Law.

So death to all governments and rulers! Long live a libertarian justice system and Protectment, guided by a libertarian champion of the people and Defender. Both new or reworked institutions will likely be massively dedicated to protecting liberty and defending individual rights -- and not at all inclined to governing or ruling us: to commanding, compelling, or dictating to us.    [from March 8th, 2014]

'Social and Political Values'

Ours is a world of do-gooding, democratic semi-tyranny. When it comes to politics, so long as your motivations are to do good to your fellow man, and so long as your methodology is democratically-validated activity, then you can tyrannize your fellow citizen pretty much without limit. The transcendent social and political values of do-gooding and democracy give you such license.

Slavery is no longer slavery, if the government is trying to benefit its citizens, and this behavior is supported by a majority vote. If you are engaged in service to your brothers, and backed by an act of democracy, then you can brutally fuck over your fellow man essentially to infinity. Any government atrocity and limitless horror inflicted upon millions of innocents is perfectly okay -- indeed, it's quite admirable -- as long as you're being faithfully altruistic and majoritarian.

So destroy and enslave away, do-gooder democrats! You're the good guys!    [from August 27th, 2013]

'Ayn the Great'

Ayn Rand is the greatest philosopher by far of the past 2000 years. She is easily the most liberal thinker in the history of man. Rand probably advanced human thought more than Francis Bacon, John Locke, Adam Smith, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, Ludwig von Mises, and Friedrich Hayek combined.

Yes, she essentially created a cult. Yes, she mostly failed to engage and debate with contemporary philosophers, college professors, and leading intellectuals. Yes, she largely failed to write in a manner which was formal and academic enough, using accepted philosophical language and formulas. Yes, she didn't allow much philosophical or personal criticism from friends and allies. Yes, she frequently excommunicated true friends and allies for crimes of disloyalty to her person and beliefs which the excommunicated and disloyalists didn't actually commit.

Still, Ayn Rand added to the store of popular knowledge, advanced the progress of mankind, and lifted the human spirit, to a simply stunning extent. And she was as magnificent, vivacious, dynamic, and heroic a creature as ever existed in the history of man!    [from July 9th, 2013]

' National Holidays for Freedom-Fighting Heroes'

On Memorial and Veterans Day in America we should mostly salute -- not the brain-dead, unprincipled, cannon-fodder drones who perished in combat for the United States, but who just as easily would have fought and died for communist Russia, Nazi Germany, and Islamist Iran -- but the intellectual fighters for liberty for America. We should salute -- not the many, mindless, amoral, fallen soldiers -- but the handful of great philosophical freedom-fighters, like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Thomas Paine. Also those all-important thinkers who came before, such as John Locke, Adam Smith, Montesquieu, and Voltaire. And we should tip our hats to the more recent ideological battlers for liberty and justice, such as Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayak, Henry Hazlitt, Milton Friedman, and Ayn Rand. We might even pay our regards to such recent practical, political figures, and semi-libertarians, as Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Anthony Kennedy, and Clarence Thomas. These intellectual battlers for the rights of man, and individual freedom, are the true heroes and noble warriors of this earth!    [from May 27th, 2013]

'Death to Democracy!'

Democracy is truly a moronic and slimy political value and social organization principle. Why trust, and be guided by, the man in the street, when he is usually an ignorant bastard from hell? Why go along with, and be led by, a mindless malicious rampaging mob, when it is pretty much wrong about everything?

The basic idea behind democracy is that anything goes if a sufficiently large number of citizens like it. Tyranny isn't tyranny when the majority wants it. Totalitarianism and open government immorality aren't enslaving and evil as long as they're backed by a free and fair election in which 50%-plus-one have made a decision.

According to democratic theory, even if the majority do vote for enslavement, this is their right, and any freedom-loving minority or individual should passively submit to it.

Finally, according to current political and social thinking, democracy can never really be that bad because so long as majority rule is assiduously practiced, the people always have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Democrats claim that the average Joe naturally tends to favor liberty, and thus if majority-rule is maintained in an inadvertent slave state, the voter will tend to correct his error, and thus choose a somewhat less authoritarian president, legislature, and ruling party the next time round.

The only real flaw in the system, according to current theory, is that sometimes "the people" -- who virtually all massmen and intellectuals today worship -- will sometimes elect a political leadership which is so tyrannical that it repudiates future elections and democracy! This is a regrettable error in democratic theory -- as the masses and the philosophes will admit -- but there's no real way to correct it. War, revolution, and an ocean of bloodshed are occasionally or frequently required. Even Jefferson observed this. But -- "democracy" is still massively superior to all political and social alternatives, such as monarchy, feudalism, theocracy, communism, etc.

And yet, the question arises: If democracy only sometimes leads to freedom, why have democracy at all? Why not skip that step and go directly to individual liberty for all? Must we worship the mindless, malicious massman -- the bawling, brawling, milling, mewling mob -- so much that enslavement is a continuous political threat and our frequent reality?    [from May 7th, 2013]

'The Enemy Within'

In many ways, the greatest human enemies, destroyers, and monsters on this earth are the religious Objectivists. Not the Platonists and Kantians, nor the conservatives and progressives, nor the pre-modernists and post-modernists, nor the libertarian isolationists and anarcho-capitalists, nor the fascists and Muslims, nor the Berkeleyites and derivative Skeptics, nor the Rousseauians and derivative Romantics, nor the Utilitarians and Pragmatists, nor the epistemological relativists and subjectivists.

All these pairs do indeed constitute deep, dark, dismal, deadly evil, but...the malicious, bizarre, cult-like pseudo-Objectivists seem to be the worst of the lot. These proudly, defiantly, openly close-minded, intolerant Prophetess-worshippers are possibly the greatest undercutters and obliterators of simple reason and fundamental philosophy in existence. Their idiosyncratic silence, evasiveness, weirdness, malevolence, hatefulness, cowardice, and tricky dishonesty basically savages the Holy Individual and mankind, as well as most decent hope for progress and the ascent of man. These pea-brained, black-hearted, empty-souled golums and pretend Objectivists -- with their eclectic, tortured, almost demented version of neoliberal philosophy -- are evidently the most subversive and undermining of all. Their warped take on the stunning and heroic philosophy of Objectivism is almost uniformly insidious and pernicious in its annihilation of rationality and individuality -- and of mankind's logical, independent, liberated, noble spirit.    [from April 26th, 2013]


Immanuel Kant said: "Never a straight thing was made out of the crooked timber of man." But the truth is: "Never a straight thing was written by the crooked pen of Kant." Ayn Rand said: "Kant is the most evil man in mankind's history." And when it comes to the destruction of reason, rationality, logic, and science -- and of everything human which is good, great, clear, and straight -- Rand was right.    [from April 21th, 2013]

'Proportionality vs. Justice and Victory'

The way Israel deals with the Arabs, South Korea with North Korea, India with Pakistan, and America with the Muslims is absurd and outrageous. The behavior of the Good Guys toward their Bad Guy enemies is intellectually ignorant and morally depraved.

The self-defense idea, and moral ideal, of all four relatively-civilized nations toward their attackers is mostly that of "proportionality" of military response, based upon current "just war" theory. And yet the proper military idea, and moral ideal, when Good defends against Evil, is for the virtuous countries to: (1) halt the aggression, (2) punish the aggressor, (3) deter future aggression from them and others, (4) mete out justice, (5) get revenge and satisfaction, and (6) achieve victory.

Britain and America never adhered to the false military standards of "proportionality" against the aggressor Japanese and Germans in World War II. So the current tit-for-tat games and strategy which Israel, South Korea, India, and America employ in battling against their barbaric enemies is pitiful and largely impotent. It's mostly appeasement and surrender to evil.

And, ultimately, it dooms all four relatively-virtuous nations to defeat. Or at least to unending conflict and unremittant pain. Where is the Good Guys' manliness, self respect, and sense of honor? Unfortunately, it's swamped under a sea of intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Israel, South Korea, India, and America today are committing treason to the military concepts of justice and victory.    [from April 15th, 2013]

'Francis the Destroyer'

Altho' most people don't realize it, the Pope and the Catholic Church are true philosophical powerhouses and world leaders. What a shame and horror that there's no reasonist, individualist, intellectual rivals of similar, or far greater, influence and authority! Our planet is suffering badly under the Christians' shockingly fatuous and depraved ideology of: 1) sacrifice of the individual; 2) servitude to mankind; 3) hope for a fraudulent "afterlife"; 4) love for a fraudulent "god."

Surely the world can do better than this!    [from March 15th, 2013]

'Hobson's Choice'

In John Milton's Paradise Lost [1667], Satan says: "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven." But why be either hell's master or heaven's slave?

Hell is evidently an experience of limitless, horrific, surreal pain, while heaven is seemingly a kind of unending, marvelous, ethereal bliss, which quickly becomes bland, insipid, and tedious -- and then irritating, exasperating, infuriating, agonizing, and remarkably hellish.

So rather than select one of these two god-awful alternatives, why not choose to live on Earth, and enjoy your Life in all its potential, glory, unfettered independence, and personal freedom? The happiest Man in the universe is neither dominant over, nor submissive to, his fellow man. To be either a dictator or a serf is degrading, debilitating, and dehumanizing. Your sovereignty, individuality, humanity, and nobility just dies. And with them, your sacred Life's meaning, purpose, pleasure, and happiness.    [from February 15th, 2013]

'Today's Political Solutions, In a Nutshell'

1) Promote freedom -- not democracy
2) Promote justice -- not peace
3) Cut spending -- don't cut taxes
4) Cut regulation -- don't cut taxes
5) Simplify taxes -- don't cut taxes
    [from February 11th, 2013]

'Destroyer of the Soul'

Vice crime infantilizes us, and renders us fundamentally incapable of intellectual and moral decisions. We become stupid and evil -- and thus far less healthy and happy.

When Big Brother lives a large part of our lives for us -- and makes the majority of our important choices -- it converts us from responsible, respectable adults into untrustworthy, incompetent children. The loving, caring, helpful, fascist state changes us from the joyfully alive, to the listlessly existing -- from the vibrant, excited, and pulsating, to the dull, depressed, and despairing.

When do-gooder Big Government creates victimless crimes, and forbids us to be free, and doesn't let us live our lives as we wish and choose -- when the vampire Nanny State legally prohibits prostitution, narcotics, gambling, and even trans-fat and sugary soda -- it converts us from the living to the dead.    [from February 5th, 2013]


Part of life is the pain, sweat, drudgery, mechanics, and systematic carefulness of postponing damage and death. Most of life is work and creation -- accomplishing something and making your mark on the world. But...a vast amount of life is all about great:

1) books of fact and opinion
2) novels and short stories -- and occasional poems
3) movies and t'v' shows -- especially dramas and comedies
4) lectures such as at colleges and conferences
5) music -- listening and playing/singing and dancing to
6) sports -- playing and watching and discussing
7) conversations and jokes with friends -- and playing around
8) recreational drugs
9) flirting and seducing and sex and pillow-talk
10) meditation and contemplation and reminiscing -- counting your blessings, and remembering the good times, and reveling in your achievements
All the above can be called luxury; or pleasure; or enjoying yourself, and celebrating your brief, but glorious, existence.    [from October 2nd, 2012]

'Our Rational World'

Virtually everyone today considers himself to be rational. Reason was discovered and invented by the Greeks 2600 years ago, and few serious thinkers -- historically and currently -- reject reason to any considerable degree. But just because essentially everybody fancies himself to possess rational beliefs, and to manifest rational behaviors, doesn't make it so. Irrationality is rife throughout human society, culture, history, and philosophy.

A person isn't rational if he holds a profound or wide-ranging skepticism about the power of the human mind to comprehend reality, or to generate a meaningful, worthwhile, successful life. This type of fundamental Skepticism is massively irrational and the root of all evil. Doubting or disbelieving in the practicality, efficacy, and authority of reason is, by defintion, irrational. So too is rejecting the evidence of the senses, and of personal experience, in one's lifestyle -- and then declining to apply logic to it. People are irrational who are a relativist/subjectivist or a dogmatist/faithist in their epistemology or reasoning. Truth-seeking and problem-solving requires reason uncorrupted by emotion, intuition, drives, instincts, revelation, and authority.

To be solidly rational, complicated, contradictory, nonsensical claims and propositions can't be a significant part of one's thoughts, words, and deeds. And mystical, superstitious ideas, along with mythical, supernatural beings, can't be a significant part of one's life.    [from August 13th, 2012]


The purpose of life is individual happiness. It's your sacred duty to obtain the highest quantity and quality of personal eudaimonia possible. Happiness consists of satisfaction, contentment, pleasure, joy, excitement, exhilaration, ecstasy, and transcendence. The good life is focused on continuous invention/creation, accomplishment/achievement, and greatness/ascent. And this happy life is based upon the on-going discovery and understanding of the nature of the universe and yourself.    [from July 19th, 2012]

'The "Common Good" is No Good'

"The public good," "the public interest," "the common good," "the greater good," "the good of all," "the good of humanity," etc. are all naturally, inherently, ineluctably collectivist notions and ideals. Whether people know or intend it, these moral standards ruthlessly attack the Holy Individual -- the cynosure of the universe.

People often invoke the aforementioned mistaken social goal just before perpetrating some horrific injustice or act of tyranny. And just after this depravity, the miscreants and unprincipled evil-doers often claim "the ends justify the means."

Such is the nature of this dreadful societal ideal. The result of such false and evil beliefs is internecine competition, civil war, destruction of the brotherhood of man, and a universal breakdown of society.

However little it's currently understood or acknowledged, the fact is the Sacred Self is "the one true god." Or, at the least, he is potentially a demigod.

In any civilized culture or society, the personal comes before the social, and the Individual before the collective. Thus the only legitimate socio-economic goal and political ideal is always "the Individual good," or "the Individual interest," or "the good of the Individual."

This is the only moral standard which generates the proper ordering of society. And, once enacted -- nothing could be more civilizationally magnificent or universally beneficial.

In any virtuous world, the group or the collective -- including close relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and coworkers -- necessarily comes second. Or even last, or not at all. This is because the Individual is all. The totality of society and civilization should always be bent to His benefit, prosperity, happiness, and triumph.

The obvious point here is -- or should be -- that everyone is an Individual. And the almost-obvious point is that moral individualism or egoism is not anti-social or socially destructive. In fact, it's just the opposite.

No society or civilization is more benevolent, sociable, and friendly than an individualist one. This was shown by the Anglo-Saxon nations of the 1800s with all of their volunteerist organizations, and superior respect for women and ethnic minorities. Dividing man against man, and favoring one group over another -- which is what "the common good" fundamentally, secretly means -- is a recipe for social disaster.

Of course, the right-wing philosophy of "god" and country, and the left-wing philosophy of socialism and the collective, both reject ethical individualism and the Individual good. They openly reject egoism, and selfish happiness. Conservatives and progressives are basically Hobbesian "war of all against all" ignoramuses and monsters who favor a greater "good" partially based on sincere belief, and partially as a sham and scam to advance their evil ideological agenda -- whether monotheism, or welfare statism, or both.

Still, in some senses -- and depending on what you mean -- one can argue that "the greater/common/collective good" is actually and truly a good ideal. But only if it's interpreted individualistically, such as "liberty and justice for all" (i.e. for all individuals equally). But historically this is not how these phrases have been used. They've always been interpreted as a compromise on full self-interest, or a balancing of hostile interests, as between a majority and a minority. And this last means nothing less than a war between them!

Ultimately, nothing in human existence is more vulnerable and precious -- no-one is more in need of protection and cherishment -- than the human Individual. Certainly not some supernatural god or collectivist mob. In every halfway decent society the Holy Individual -- his freedom, flourishing, happiness, and centrality of existence -- should be promoted above all else!    [from April 13th, 2012]

'Utopia and Paradise'

The utopians Plato (The Republic), Thomas Moore (Utopia), Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan), and Karl Marx (The Communist Manifesto) all lead to the Leftist tyranny of socialism. The "paradisists" Moses (Jewish bible), Jesus (Christian bible), Muhammad (Islamic bible), and Joseph Smith (Mormon bible) all lead to the Rightist tyranny of religion.

Both groups of irrational idealists hope to deliver us all to a kind of ultimate end place -- a perfect society or Xanadu -- which is never going to happen. Their belief-systems are deeply foolish, naive, and ignorant. And their ideologies are also depraved, since even if you could visit their unreal utopia or paradise, you wouldn't ultimately want to live there. It would be a kind of living hell, unfit for normal, healthy, individualistic, struggling, ambitious, achieving, flawed, mortal, human beings.

The utopians above cause physical slavery to the state, while the paradisians above cause mental slavery to "god." One false ideal results in a kind of vast social coercion and destruction of society. The other false ideal results in a kind of vast personal coercion and destruction of the individual.

Both mistaken hopes and dreams result in universal self-sacrifice and self-destruction. Their false and evil moral code should probably be described as "the religio-socialist ethic" (not "the Judeo-Christian ethic").

Both families and categories of belief constitute nonsensicality and philosophy gone badly wrong.

These massively untrue and immoral groups of ideologies need to be defeated thru the assiduous application of healthy, sound, proper philosophy. A philosophy which provides the hungry, needy Holy Individual with meaning, purpose, pleasure, exhilaration, and personal greatness in his life. And these two related, mistaken categories of ideology need to be defeated thru the Western liberal ideals of reason, individualism, and freedom. Reason will defeat monotheistic paradisism, freedom will defeat communist utopianism, and individualism will defeat both.

Unfortunately, so far the champions of reason and philosophy haven't fully done their job. They haven't provided a guide to life with enough rich satisfaction and deep fulfillment to successfully defeat the utopians and paradisists.     [from January 27, 2012]

'Religion As a Social Good'

Religion could be seen as a creator and maintainer of social harmony and utopia. "God" supposedly watches over everyone everywhere always, and threatens to burn us all in hell forever if we don't behave. This god makes everybody on the planet not be selfish -- a behavior which allegedly hurts and destroys one's fellow man, and obliterates social harmony and utopia. God forces everyone to serve others utterly and always -- to be a slave to one's fellow man. This supposedly helps and massively uplifts one's fellows, and creates and maintains social harmony and utopia.

The problem is: (1) God doesn't exist. (2) The "afterlife" and paradise don't exist either. (3) And even if all three did, it's inconceivable that a virtuous or wise god would punish selfishness and reward social servitude. Self-interest is not evil whereas self-sacrifice certainly is. Unselfishness is the utter destruction of every creature on this earth -- since everybody exists and lives as a self. Self-sacrifice directly hurts and destroys every individual on the globe. And it indirectly obliterates him too, since this social servitude results in miserable and furious slaves, and consequent social disharmony and dystopia.    [from June 20, 2011]

'The Mommy State'

It's sloppy and incorrect to call Barack Obama and most of his radical leftist allies "socialists." A handful are, no doubt. But most of them don't want to nationalize anything. Not even health care!

They do, however, seek to significantly expand the size and power of the state. They do quietly seek to have a friendly, European-style Leviathan monitor and control business and the Individual a great deal more than currently.

And it's all for our own good. The Obamanites fundamentally think they know more than the citizenry who elected them, and who they theoretically serve. And, of course, they're morally superior. So they want to strongly rule on our behalf.

But the Obama Revolution doesn't truly aim to seize and own the banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, car manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, and other parts of our once-proud, once-free, once-dynamic, once-capitalist economy and society. It merely wishes to regulate the hell out of them.

The key idea here is control by Big Brother. The key idea here is fascism.

Maybe this is progress. After having been almost tortured for the past 160 years by Karl Marx and government-owned businesses, maybe grossly over-regulating products and services is better than outright confiscating them.

But this state behavior is still tyranny. And it's still highly destructive to both businesses and life-styles.

And potentially this domination by the mega-state is just as immoral and mindless as overt seizure. The economy -- and large parts of the civilization (sic) -- still end up being government-run. The state still ends up dictating.

But rather than call this new version of statist and Orwellian control "socialism," maybe instead we should call it "mommy statism" -- since you need Big Momma's permission before you can pretty much do anything economically, or even personally.

Under Obama, Big Business, small businesses, and the Individual are no longer trusted as much to mind their own business and live their own lives. We're no longer regarded as adults -- as capable of making our own decisions economically, or in life.

Americans are being infantilized. We're being placed considerably more under the thumb of our doting, wise, maternal state. Ever more benevolent mandates and dictates come from Leviathan.

Under Obama, a loving Mommy now helpfully guides our business and personal lives much more. In the Obama-nation, we're all closely-monitored and tightly controlled -- for our own good, and for the greater good -- by a sweet, kind, adoring, government Mommy!    [from March 18, 2011]

'Defanging and Neutralizing Islam'

In a fantastically dangerous, nuclear bomb dominated era like ours, where Western Civilization is close to defenseless, the notoriously tyrannical, naturally warlike philosophy of Islam demands attention. It seems to constitute an objective and overwhelming threat.

This is why every Muslim government on earth should possibly be commanded and compelled to completely and utterly reject the concepts and ideals of jihad (aggressive warfare) and sharia (legal enslavement). If these dangerous and terrifying dictatorships refuse -- or in any way hesitate or equivocate -- they should very possibly be summarily attacked, with their ruling structure catastrophically destroyed.

The only real alternative is for these fundamentally loathsome Muslim tyrannies to formally and officially redefine the Muslim term jihad -- "to struggle in the path of god" -- so that it means "to struggle in the path of reason and truth." Similarly, the Muslim term sharia -- Islamic law and slavery -- should be redefined to mean "full, equal, and limitless liberty, justice, and individual rights."

These are both extremely superior definitions, ideas, and ideals which no-one can legitimately argue with.

Any totalitarian Muslim state -- with their almost ineluctable aggression toward, and enemyship of, the West -- which provocatively and mischievously refuses these two simple, imminently doable alternatives should probably be visited with a great deal of pain. All their evil, Islamic power structures should be set upon, and taken apart brick by brick.

But rather than choosing the usual hideously mistaken Western path of invasion, occupation, "teaching democracy," and "nation-building," the liberal West should counter-attack this ghastly Muslim menace with a devastating, high-tech, surgical strike of a few days; it should be followed up by an inserted, relatively small, hunter-killer commando penetration of a few weeks. The top one hundred or so leaders of their evil government, party, military, police, and religion should be mercilessly hunted down and brutally slaughtered.

Afterwards, if these heinous Muslim dictatorships still refuse to comply, the process should be repeated with their new governments until they do.    [from October 19, 2010]

'Liberty vs. Equality'

Individual liberty vs. coercive collective equality. This is pretty much the political and social uber-debate and story of the past 220 years. Freedom for the individual to economically and socially rise or fall, based on justice and the merits -- or at least based on the fairly-reliable and relatively-fair opinions of the free market and free society -- is the great political and social goal of all time. Forced equality of the individual with his fellows -- based on some sort of allegedly-wise-and-virtuous tyrannical government social mechanism -- is the all-time great evil.    [from September 1st, 2010]

'Liberty Utopia'

When it comes to politics, economics, and sociology -- as well as individual happiness and greatness -- freedom is 100% good in theory, and 100% good in practice. How is it people don't understand this? Freedom, free enterprise, free trade, capitalism, laissez-faire, live-and-let-live, voluntary social cooperation, unfettered personal interaction, socio-economic libertarianism, and other such similar ideas and lofty goals are all flawless, and without conflict or contradiction, in both philosophic principle and real-world application. All are end-of-history correct and ideal, both intellectually and pragmatically. How can anyone not know this?    [from August 31th, 2010]

'All-Time Mistakes'

The three great intellectual and philosophical errors of all time seem to be: (1) supposing moral and political service to others is more important and valuable than service to yourself; (2) supposing legal and social mercy is more important and valuable than justice; (3) supposing social and economic equality is more important and valuable than political liberty.

Compounding these three blunders is the supposition that these three dialectic and juxtaposed ideals and goals are about the same, or can somehow be combined. It's like science and religion, or reason and faith. They're all drop-dead opposites -- and you have to choose.

The three false ideals above all have a kind of plausibility. They're all loose and sloppy social and collectivist disiderata which make a bit of sense -- provided you keep your mind hazy and unfocused, and your logic and arguments messy.

But all three are also prime examples of what gives intellectuals and philosophy a bad name. All these pseudo-lofty aims are ultimately head-in-the-clouds, head-in-the-sand, head-elsewhere gibberish and nonsense.

They're reminiscent of the values and ideals of vegetarianism, pacifism, and anarchism. Also of Thoreau's civil disobedience, Ghandi's passive resistance, and King's non-violence. Also of religious charity, tolerance, and forgiveness.

It's easy to see how soft-headed, soft-hearted, ivory tower, pie-in-the-sky philosophes and alleged wise men got such a bad reputation. These guys, with their naive and foolish beliefs, are pure menaces to human civilization. These guys, with their fatuous and depraved ideologies, are pure destroyers of individual happiness.    [from July 16th, 2010]

'The Examined Life'

Socrates said that "The unexamined life isn't worth living for a human being." But Aristotle observed that "Our discussion [of ethics] will be adequate if it has as much clearness as the subject matter admits of." Aristotle added that "[I]t is the mark of an educated man to look for precision in each class of things just so far as the nature of the subject admits." This includes the ultra-important subject of how best to live your life.

Not only is the unexamined life not worth living -- the overexamined life isn't worth living either. It results in paralysis by overanalysis. At some point you need to call a halt to the delicate introspection and profound interior reflection. You should just work hard, learn as much as you can, and try to accomplish great things. You need to just live, have as much fun, and be as happy as you can be.    [from July 9th, 2010]

'Government "Help"'

Not once in the history of man has the government ever successfully "stimulated" the economy. Not once has the state ever "rescued" the economy or "made it grow." If the government could genuinely perform such financial magic -- successfully printing money, or conjuring wealth from the clear blue sky, etc. -- wouldn't it do it all of the time, and at a much higher level?

In the history of the world, all that government intervention in production and trade has ever done is make various economic actors -- both labor and management -- behave in ways that they don't want to. All that government does is forcibly alter their economic behaviors so that it hurts their self-interest, personal profit, and entrepreneurial bottom line. Government coercion of various business and financial behaviors makes rational, self-interested employers and employees do what they don't want to, or not do what they do want to.

This violation of reasonable and beneficial human activity -- of various peoples' "selfish" and "greedy" desire to cater to the society and market, and thus make money -- may cause a temporary and illusory economic "expansion," but the eventual and invariable result is the long-term, overall, vast impoverishment of all. This is why all do-gooder, welfare state, government "help" actually hurts.

And it isn't the case that all these do-gooder, welfare state, economic "stimuluses" and "bail-outs" somehow result in massive pain and poverty some of the time, or most of the time, or even 99% of the time. This coercive government "help" hurts and fails always.    [from June 17th, 2010]

'Planet Greece'

From Greece, to Portugal and Spain, to California and New York, to everywhere else, the welfare state is killing the planet. All these government "workers" with their massive salaries, pensions, medical benefits, and disabilities. All these "civil servants," protected by ultra-powerful unions, who are so incompetent and so impossible to fire. Enough is enough!

They do precious little for their bloated paychecks and gold-plated welfare benefits, yet they hilariously and outrageously often claim to be significantly “oppressed” and “exploited,” based upon the usual, tiresome, absurd, Marxist theories. These “wage slaves” who live lives of “drudgery” under “difficult and demanding” work conditions – and who nevertheless serio-comically claim to work hard (!) and perform well (!) at their jobs – are really just miniature Sultans who enjoy existences of mostly sloth, indulgence, and luxury, while shamelessly, mercilessly sucking the lifeblood out of the whole earth. These state workers (sic) are nothing less than egregious predators and parasites upon the private sector – the only true workers and genuinely productive people on the planet.

High time we had a revolution. No more “reform,” not even radical reform. Time to terminate the current political and socio-economic system completely.

Enough already with this nonsense about “trimming red tape” and “cutting back on bureaucracy” and “making government work.” Time to deep-six the entire loathsome, hopeless edifice!

We need to create a system of pure laissez-faire, with no welfare statism. This means zero initiation of force. This means zero economic and social regulation “for the common good,” “for the collective welfare,” “in the public interest,” and “for the benefit of all.”

We need 100% respect for, and subservience to, life, liberty, property, and privacy. This means no do-gooding, Nanny State fascism to protect society and “the people” against hatred, bigotry, stupidity, and depravity by supposedly ignorant and low individuals. This means no Nanny State, do-gooding fascism against drugs, prostitution, gambling, and obscenity to protect the supposedly ignorant and low individual against himself. Leave him alone.

Leave everyone alone! No-one is “his brother's keeper.” Stop “benefiting” society. Stop “helping” the individual.

Live and let live! Create a world of freedom. Establish a government to protect individual rights to infinity – to enforce equal and absolute liberty and justice for all – but otherwise make that government royally fuck off!    [from June 4th, 2010]

'Early Epistemology'

Reason was gradually but resoundingly discovered and invented about 2600 years ago by the Milesians, Ionians, and Greeks known as Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes. They were sometimes rightly known as “the physicists” and “the scientists” because of their emphasis – in seeking the truth about Nature and man – on considering the physical and the scientific.

But surprisingly and depressingly, deep thinkers and intellectuals evidently began to seriously doubt and challenge reason within a half a century of its creation. These questioners simultaneously and complimentarily disputed whether reason led to truth and whether the individual should be guided by it. They philosophically wondered: Can we be confident reason yields certain truth? Can we trust reason to direct our sacred and irreplaceable existences? And these ponderers largely said No.

The Greek thinkers that came to doubt the value and efficacy of reason, rationality, logic, and science could be called fundamentalist skeptics – or just Skeptics. Those that were mostly confident or certain about reason, rationality, logic, and science could be called Reasonists. But these last can not properly be called “dogmatists,” as the followers of the atomists, Aristotle, Epicurus, and Zeno the Stoics were often described 300 years later. Such a label constitutes a smear term, clever lie, psychological projection, and personal confession which almost entirely belongs to the Skeptics themselves.

Reasonists investigate the cosmos and speculate about life by first consulting the facts and evidence about the phenomenon in question and then using reason: They set aside emotions, desires, drives, and instincts; and then apply their thinking, searching, inquiring, philosophizing minds to the subject, issue, or problem at hand to try to uncover the truth about it. Skeptics, in contrast, mindlessly, irrationally ignore and dogmatically, irrationally deny the opinions and conclusions of the facts, evidence, logic, and thought. And they let their thinking become corrupted with emotions, desires, drives, and instincts.

Skeptics fall into two categories: (1) overly emotional and frantic champions of epistemological faith who form their opinions and conclusions based on a blind leap into the epistemic void without consideration of facts, evidence, logic, and thought; and (2) overly analytical and dry advocates of epistemological relativism and subjectivism who form their opinions and conclusions largely flying in the face of facts, evidence, logic, and thought – or even in open, provocative, flamboyant defiance of them.

Both types of reason-traducing, life-destroying, happiness-crushing Skeptics generally see and know the truth. These irrational and deliberate self-deluders aren't fooled by their intellectual superiors. They understand the universe, basically. But both purposely turn a blind eye toward reality, the cosmos, and the nature of man. One does so by blissfully leaping over reality in feverish fantasy, while the other does so by maliciously spitting in the face of reality and landing in barren obscurity.    [from May 18th, 2010]

'Future Shock'

The bigger the government, the worse the government. The more powerful the government, the worse the government. The more the government taxes and regulates -- the more it spends and controls -- the worse the government. That government which guides and directs us -- unifies and leads us -- is that government which destroys us.

All these recent government "bail-outs," "rescues," "recovery packages," and "stimulus programs," are machetes thrust directly into the heart of the economy. All are heartless and brutal backstabs of the society and the nation. All of them devastate our businesses, finances, lifestyles, and civilization.

It's almost too horrific to think about, but Big Brother is on the loose again. The world evidently hasn't learned a thing over the last century and a half since the publication of The Communist Manifesto. Hyper-evil Marx and Keynes are once again our political and economic ideals. The ghastly mid-20th century era of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao is returning.

Government "help" from Bush in 2008 and Obama in 2009 has savaged the country. Future plans, packages, and programs from Leviathan threaten to turn a two-year Great Recession into a lingering, Japanese-style 10- or 20-year Depression.

The current misunderstanding and hatred of laissez-faire, capitalism, economic freedom, and individual liberty is just about total. The current misunderstanding and love of welfare statism and Big Government tyranny is just about total. The hope for the future -- under today's almost universal support for major action by Big Brother -- is just about zero.    [from April 8th, 2010]

'Enemies of Objectivism'

Anyone who isn't willing and able to examine the life and thought of Ayn Rand critically and objectively, with an eye towards factuality and morality, isn't an Objectivist. Anyone who isn't willing and able to correct, improve, expand, and extend Objectivist theory isn't an Objectivist. Anyone who doesn't worship, love, obey, and show strict and utter loyalty to reality and truth above Ayn Rand and Objectivism isn't an Objectivist. People who don't hold these values, and adhere to these standards, are scholastics and enemies of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. People who don't hold these premises and adhere to these ideals are religiosos and cultists -- the destroyers of Ayn Rand and Objectivism.     [from April 7th, 2010]

'America's Deficit Doomsday'

The current American federal deficit (as of March 2010) is about $30,000 per person -- including children, the sick, crippled, homeless, and retired. For people who work, the deficit amounts to $60,000 each.

Government debt grew by a sickening $5,000 per head last year (2009). And it's scheduled to grow by slightly more this year (2010). The current national debt ceiling is 14.3 trillion dollars, or one full year of America's income.

Now this is an evil almost beyond compare. Whatever government "investments" this amount represents, and however many irresponsible Big Businesses were recently rescued by it, and however much the Big Government-destroyed economy has just been "bailed out" and "stimulated," it isn't worth it. Even with all the wonderous "help" engendered by this fatuous and depraved Keynsian nightmare, it isn't worth it.

The reality is, this spend-like-a-drunken-sailor, Big Brother debacle is ravaging and savaging our whole country. It's mercilessly trashing our economy and societal foundations. It's obliterating the future.

And the people responsible for this boondoggle and indescribable horror are the Democratic and Republican parties. So too the nitwit, dirtbag, General Public which absurdly supports them.

Maybe it's time we ban both political groups. Recognize them for the criminal conspiracies and totalitarian organizations that they truly are.

Maybe it's time for us to arrest all Democrats and Republicans for treason. Anyone who votes for them could be stripped of their citizenship, and forcibly deported to Sudan, Zimbabwe, or North Korea.

Americans need to realize, once and for all, that Democratic- and Republican-style welfare statism is not compatible with libery, prosperity, and Individual happiness -- nor the US Constitution and American Dream.    [from March 29th, 2010]

'Liberal Philosophy'

Liberalism is the general philosophy, or family of philosophies, which is essentially based upon:

(1) the epistemology of reason, rationality, logic, and science;

(2) the metaphysics of physicality, mathematics, physics, mechanics, materialism, and empiricism;

(3) the personal ethics of individualism, self-interest, and private happiness;

(4) the social ethics of non-tyranny, non-criminality, honesty, compassion, comradship, and social utopia;

(5) the domestic politics of: freedom, justice, and individual rights; of life, liberty, property, and privacy; of security, safety, free will, and persuit of happiness;

(6) the foreign policy of: libertarianism, free exchange, minimal aid, isolationism, non-interference and yet rescue and liberation, peace and yet justice; of non-appeasement, non-collaboration, non-diplomatic recognition, and non-moral sanction of foreign tyranny;

(7) the economics of capitalism, free enterprise, free trade, and laissez-faire;

(8) the sociology of the brotherhood of man, empathy, live-and-let-live, non-fraud, and frank directness;

(9) the esthetics of vivacity, dynamism, and heroism;

(10) the spirituality of the sublime, transcendent, infinite, and great.

Understanding and practicing these liberal values is the key to social paradise and personal joy -- to the good life for all.    [from February 5th, 2010]

'Democracy vs. Freedom'

The world today has replaced the medieval, Christian-dominated, Dark Age theory of "the divine right of kings" with the current, socialism-dominated, New Dark Age theory of "the divine right of the majority." This means embracing and sanctifying mob rule. This means democracy is privileged to crush freedom. This means "the will of the people" is allowed to legitimately rip asunder and trample underfoot the rights of the sacred Individual.

In today's absurd and depraved era, 50%-plus-one can do no wrong. The majority, by definition, can never do or be politically evil. Such a group, by its very nature, can never be tyrannical, and can never institute any form of slavery. They simply know no social immorality or dictatorial activity.

Thus the Italians did nothing wrong in 1924 when they elected Benito Mussolini. The Germans made no mistake in 1933 when they elected Adolf Hitler. And the Americans did nothing in error, inside their ballot boxes, when they chose Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal in the 1930s, and Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society in the 1960s. Indeed, all the Western states from about 1825 to 1975 -- as they democratically selected an ever-bigger realm for government power, and an ever-smaller realm for individual initiative -- did nothing of an illiberal or anti-libertarian nature. This is how conventional wisdom has it.

So long as the vote is fair and free, and the application of the totalitarianism is egalitarian, the popular crowd is perfectly able to stomp upon the life, liberty, and property of the Individual in any way it wishes. As the Russians might put it, the Bolshevik ("bigger group") has full rights to smash the (lesser) rights of the single person however it may choose. The collective can properly and morally strip away every personal freedom, civil liberty, and private right of the Individual whatsoever.

The only restriction or exception here is that the liberty-smashers have to have the sanction of a legitimate and genuine majority. Then anything goes. No outrage or horror is too much for them. No Big Brother nightmare is too extreme. The mighty Bolsheviks are triumphant! Democratic government has successfully obliterated Individual freedom!    [from January 22nd, 2010]

'The Meaningless and Absurd Nobel Peace Prize'

Every year the world-famous Nobel Committee of Oslo, Norway awards about 1.4 million dollars and an impressive Prize to someone for his achievements in promoting "peace." But where are the internationally-acclaimed prizes for "liberty" and "justice?" These are far worthier goals -- far loftier ideals. Politically speaking, and in other ways too, what the world needs above all else -- today and always -- is individual liberty and universal justice!

If the Nobel Committee is going to embrace questionable, unworthy goals and dubious, lowly ideals, why not sink all the way down to giving out renowned awards for international "security," or even multinational "stability?"

Clearly there are times when peace is desirable -- such as when there are no foreign threats or attacks; such as when no-one is trying to enslave you. But at other times war is desirable -- such as when others are threatening, or attacking, or attempting to conquer and enslave.

But what is always desirable -- a pure, perfect ideal of infinite value -- is freedom and individual rights. This means liberty and justice for all! It's high time the Nobel Committee, or some group far better, starting awarding prestigious Prizes for that!    [from December 12th, 2009]

'Vampires and Gods'

I've never once seen or heard a ghost, witch, vampire, leprechaun, or god. I don't know of a single piece of objective or genuine evidence that they even exist.

And even if one of them does exist -- or even if all of them do -- they don't seem to have any power or influence over the universe. Not once have I seen or heard them change or impact this earth in any way, nor am I aware of a single existing piece of actual or verifiable evidence that they've ever done so.

And even if ghosts or witches or vampires or leprechauns or gods are real and existent, and even if they do have power and influence over reality, they haven't taught me one thing about myself or life or the world.

I gain all of my information -- I ascertain all truth -- via rationality and science. There's every reason in the world to suppose that they exist and are real. Their power over myself and this life and the earth appears to be massive. And actual, practical, seeable, hearable, knowable evidence for the existence, effectiveness, and power of rationality and science seems to be infinite.    [from October 28th, 2009]

'C'est la Vie!'

Life is generally glorious. It's a kind of exhilarating thing of immense beauty and wonder. It's a sort of non-stop, delicate, delicious, delirious delight. Life is an unexpected treasure and marvel to be enjoyed, exploited, and celebrated at all times, in all ways, under all circumstances.

Life is basically a joyous adventure and a sheer pleasure even in rotten times. This is so, even in a bad, sad, mad place; even during an irrational, illiberal, diseased, decadent era; even surrounded by petty, low, rotten, slimy, fellow human beings.

The key, of course, is to have as much fun, and get as much joy, pleasure, and delight out of it as you can despite an abundance of unfortunate, infellicitous, hostile, hateful circumstances regarding your time, place, nation, neighborhood, colleagues, coworkers, relatives, or even friends.

But luckily this is fairly easy. Or at least eminently doable. You just need the right abstract philosophy, personal philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Okay, so maybe it's not completely easy and doable! But you still need to get to work!    [from October 23rd, 2009]

'Your Fellow Man'

Life is tough for people of decency, humanity, and tolerable quality. Mankind seems to consist of virtually nothing but liars, cowards, hypocrits, morons, ignoramuses, lowlifes, degenerates, weirdos, and subhuman beasts. Basically all verminous space aliens and hateful monsters. What a slimy, bizarre, hostile, loathsome, planet this is! It isn't easy or fun to get along with, or try to coexist with, these savage mutants and deadly enemies. Such petty, puny, thoughtlessly indifferent -- and yet calculated and deliberate -- destroyers. What dreadful and dreary insects, worms, betrayers, and traitors they are! What merciless killers of themselves, others, life, reason, pleasure, happiness, and you!    [from September 4th, 2009]

'Tolerance Camp for Everybody!'

The world today would be a helluva lot better place if only we would get the government to mandate everyone everywhere go to Tolerance Camp at least once a year -- especially all our impressionable children. We could all go there for various communalist- and identity-type group lessons, particularly Diversity Seminars and Sensitivity Training. Clearly this kind of far-minded, progressive education for all mankind would significantly promote the brotherhood of man, just as it would radically enhance planetary social harmony and worldwide public unity.

After graduating from this universally-obligatory Tolerance Camp -- as run by the best of inclusive, egalitarian, truly-enlightened thinkers from the worlds of socialism and religion, all with degrees in psychology and sociology -- we could then all move onward and upward to the realm of post-graduate Conflict Resolution courses and Anger Management classes. This too will obviously help bring about great social cooperation, peace, and the millenium.

If we genuinely want social utopia within the lifetime of our own children or grandchildren -- as we ought to, if we're not monsters -- then we need to finally realize that ultimately nothing is better for mankind than assiduously indocrinating everybody with politically correct psychobabble and mercilessly brainwashing us all with multicultural pablum, gruel, drivel, and drool!    [from August 19th, 2009]

'Freedom -- the Ultimate Political Value'

Democracy -- or rule by majority vote -- is a genuine political good. So is republicanism -- or rule by legitimate representatives. Both have considerable social and economic value to the individual and the nation.

Similarly, autonomy and self-rule are governmental goods and values which a given society finds very much worth having. And it's even worth while for that civilization to enjoy non-violation of their national soverignty and non-interference in their internal affairs by non-citizens.

But none of these political goods and values are anywhere near as important as freedom. In the life of the person and his nation, none are remotely as central and pivotal as liberty, justice, and individual rights.

Thus if some strange and hateful "foreign devils" decide to brutally smash another nation's democracy, republic, autonomy, and self-rule into the ground, while grossly violating their national soverignty, and interferring in their internal affairs, this shocking act may or may not be a true political and socio-economic evil. If the invaders -- no matter how distantly alien --do all this in a way which enhances the individual liberty of the given politiy -- and doesn't exact a large practical price in the process -- then this is a governmental good. The "bloody foreigners" have a right to do so, and the former local rulers and their supporters, in turn, have no right to complain. Certainly they have no right to militarily oppose them.

These external invaders can and should take their alien political values and "force them down their throats." If the foreigners' standards, ideas, and ideals are sufficiently superior to those they seek to replace -- and their imperialist behavior constitutes an act of overall liberation -- then they have the right to impose them upon the less civilized locals.

The fact that in the process these invaders trashed the democracy, crushed the republic, stomped upon their autonomy, and obliterated their self-rule is irrelevant. So too if the unwanted and even hated outsiders wantonly violated their national soverignty and relentlessly interfered in their internal affairs.

The simple fact is the locals have no right to violate the rights of their coevals. They enjoy no freedom to suppress the freedom of their brothers. No matter how properly and legitimately the local tyrants rule by some minor standards, they aren't allowed to set up or maintain a slave state. The supreme value of individual liberty forbids this. The absolute and untouchable right to freedom, justice, and individual rights forbids this.

Indeed, if a bunch of foreign devils and outside invaders decide to free some suffering nation, and they don't do appreciable damage in the process, the non-citizen aliens have every right to do so. The overwhelming reality is no political good is superior -- or even close to -- that of freedom. No social and economic value is superior -- or even close to -- that of liberty, justice, and individual rights.    [from July 3rd, 2009]

'Legislating Behavior'

We all live today in a world of what could be called "play nice"-ism and "be good"-ism where the government is like our mommy or nanny and we are all like naturally mean, nasty, unpleasant, unfriendly five-year-olds. The do-gooder behavior fascists that run our government nowadays are forever instructing us how to "play well with others" and "be nice to your brothers." Evidently getting along with "others" is our main purpose in life!

Indeed, this "play nice!", "be good!" ethos seems to be the principle raison d'etre for even having a state these days. The traditional tasks of stopping enemy attacks, fighting crime, and protecting people and property seem somehow less important.

And these Big Brother minders and helpful Leviathon guides don't just suggest ways to sweetly get along with our fellow man -- they compell us. They use main force and state power to enforce interpersonal laws and to overlay social institutions upon us.

This is based upon the old Platonic Ideal of government as a "philosopher-king" who coerces us into moral goodness -- both social and personal. The great belief here is that a "benevolent dictatorship" constitutes the best state and consequently is the quickest and easiest way to social utopia.

Hence when it comes to clubs, housing, education, jobs, etc. various private individuals and organizations aren't allowed by Big Brother to be "a big meanie" or somehow "anti-social." Our governmental savior and Big Bully -- in his great wisdom and virtue -- absolutely forbids it. This wonderfulness is all founded upon the noble monotheistic and welfare-statist "brother's keeper" principle of ideal human interaction and deliriously happy socializing.    [from May 28th, 2009]

'Skepticism, the Uber-Destroyer'

Although skepticism about intellectual matters in general is a great virtue, there's a kind of dogmatic, extremist, fundamentalist, philosophical Skepticism which is basically the destroyer of this earth.

Early philosophical Skeptics like Pythagoras, double-talking Sophists, and Plato doubted that: things exist, reality is real, X=X, 1+1=2, triangles have three points, black and white are different, up and down are opposite, fire is hot, water is wet, etc. They more or less based their virtually limitless and dogmatic skepticism on the idea that: individuals differ in their opinions, dreams sometimes seem real, a stick in water often looks like it's where it's not, one can create a variety of tricky word paradoxes, etc.

All this nonsense should have been defeated by the highly-rational "confidentist" and "certaintyist" thinkers Democritus, Aristotle, Epicurus, and Zeno the Stoic. Instead, these imminently reasonable, logical, scientific folk were ludicrously but successfully labelled "dogmatists." Meanwhile, the true dogmatists and super-skeptics like Pyrrho, Arcesilaus, and Carneades eventually prevailed. Soon after, their close cousins Faith and "God" also dominated the world.

And that's where we are today. In hell.

Reason, confidentism, and certaintyism have been refuted in favor of a truly irrational, mindless, senseless, and absurd ultra-skepticism, dogmatism, relativism, subjectivism, and definitive know-nothing-ism.    [from April 17th, 2009]

'The Return of Big Brother'

Anti-freedom radicals George Bush, Barack Obama, and their intellectual allies have really done a number on us recently. For the past seven months or so, the irrational, illiberal, Dark Age dolts and dirtbags which run the United States have been energetically trying to "rescue" and "stimulate" the economy via socialism, fascism, and other types of tyrannical, Big Government "help."

But this is almost exactly how Leviathan undermined, sabotaged, and devastated the prosperity and wealth of America in the first place. Having Uncle Sam double down on politico-economic ignorance and evil -- by radically increasing the level of poison and destruction fed directly into our business and financial systems -- will not work.

What should be obvious is this "cure" is only making things much worse. Our leaders are taking a burst housing bubble-, credit crunch-, and stock market collapse-based fairly normal Recession and turning it into a savage-everything truly intense Depression.

None of this statist "help" helps. The economy and society desperately need to be allowed to breathe, function, and live in liberty and free enterprise. This allows the natural, normal, healthy healing processes of freedom to take place, and fully exert themselves.

The economy and society must be allowed to correct the evils of previous Big Government activity, and begin to properly right themselves. Free human beings have to be permitted to find a new, natural equilibrium and healthy, healing balance. There needs to be an immediate and utter halt to all "assistance" from Big Brother.    [from March 12th, 2009]


Unions are naturally and inherently tyrannical, collectivist, criminal, corrupt, parasitic organizations. They're based on the theory and marxist-leninist "ideal" of what could be called predatory authoritarian communism for otherwise free-agent labor and naturally liberated workers.

No proper, self-respecting, freedom-loving employee should ever belong to a union at his job. No proper, self-respecting, freedom-loving employer should ever allow a union at his company. Unions destroy efficiency, competitiveness, prosperity, success -- and labor-management harmony. They create a kind of company civil war. Ultimately, unions kill business.

Even employees who think of joining a union, or who sympathize with the concept of unionism, should be summarily and energetically fired. Unionism as a socio-economic ideal is a deadly plague which severely weakens and impoverishes every worker and labor market it contaminates. Unions are a cancer which severely debilitate or destroy every company they infect.

Death to all unions and unionism!    [from March 1st, 2009]

'The ARI Cult'

Rand created Randroidism. It was a remarkably evil act. It was a stunning corruption, perversion, and devolution of her real philosophy.

But now the Ayn Rand Institute continues that loathsome tradition -- some half a century later. Nice job, vermin! Do you want to ruthlessly discredit Ayn Rand and her ideas? If so, you're doing a marvelous job. Considering and treating her intensely-rational thought as a type of religion is a pure horror.

But here's a few questions for the ARIan traitors and destroyers from within:

How can you evil cunts promote a philosophy of reason where pretty much everyone involved brainlessly, blindly, dogmatically follows along in deference to authority and as an act of faith? How can you evil cunts have a philosophy of individualism where pretty much everyone involved is a docile sheep, mindless cyborg, and conformist gollum? How can you evil cunts have a philosophy of freedom where pretty much everyone involved is a mental, psychological, and spiritual slave?

Being a philosophical thinker or serious intellectual requires inventiveness, creativity, and innovation. Being a cultist janissary and mechanical Ayndroid isn't moral, practical, or fun.

Where's the independent thought? Where's the independent life? Almost without exception these servile "followers" and pitiful "students" of the warped ARI version of this magnificent philosophy are an embarrassment and disgrace.

AR may have accidentally and semi-innocently started all this, but ARI deliberately and flagitiously continues it. And after 50 years of this authoritarian, religious crap, these clowns have absolutely no excuse.

Objectivist cultists are raw evil. They're fundamentalist enemies of everything good and true. These droids and drones -- with the malevolence of a Nazi or a Talibani -- desperately need to familiarize themselves with the term "scholasticism." They need to figure out why the rational, liberal, Enlightenment Era -- seemingly against all logic -- almost hated rational, liberal Aristotle.

The fact is, empty-headed, soulless, zombie devotion to Rand and her philosophy constitute treason to both. Someone should tell ARI.    [from January 8th, 2009]

'America's Financial Mess'

The main organic and structural solution to the current mortgage and credit crisis -- and subsequent Wall Street panic and government bailouts -- is to immediately terminate all those "government sponsored enterprises." This certainly seems to be the root of the problem. These state-backed banks have an unfair advantage over legitimate banks, and thus tend to destroy them -- while conducting business badly. Such GSEs, with their unnaturally low interest rates, significantly distort the mortgage and credit markets, and ultimately hurt pretty much everything they touch. They fundamentally attack economic freedom and capitalism, and have no right to exist.

The main GSEs to get rid of forthwith are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. No more government backing for these parasites! And if this means that the two newly-private megabanks instantly go bankrupt, so be it. If they both quickly get broken up, sold off, and go out of existence, so be it.

But another important part of any proper and competent government "rescue" of America's current mess in Big Finance is to also terminate all those coercive, favoritist, loans-to-poor-people laws, such as the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (and its deadly 1995 strengthening). So too all the regulations, court rulings, and new laws which supplement it. Banks need to be allowed to make loans based on merit and their own judgment, without being accused by Big Brother of "red-lining" against the impoverished and "minorities," and without being tarred and slandered as "racists." The government overlords, in turn, mustn't punish the "redlining," "racist," "classist," etc. credit institutions by denying them regulatory approval to expand, contract, merge, spin off, change to meet market conditions, and otherwise do business to their advantage, and as they freely choose.

And the ultimate solution to this whole evidently limitless mess is to wipe out of existence the completely-unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank, and all of its government fiat, monopoly, "funny money." The entirety of the banking, loan, credit, and monetary industries should be completely private. Under a laissez-faire capitalist system, there would then be an overwhelming tendency for them to be completely sound, competent, legitimate, honest -- and wildly profitable.    [from December 11th, 2008]

'Whence This Idiocy?'

Why do people believe in "god," or think they do, or pretend they do?

Almost certainly not because god, or one of his supernatural allies, actually spoke to them. Almost certainly not because of any facts or evidence indicating god, or one of his holy friends, really exists.

Belief in god is derived from, and based upon, self-delusion and personal corruption. It comes from a lack of honesty, courage, integrity, and virtue -- especially with regard to the big issues and existential problems/speculations.

Religious believers are both ignorant and evil -- mostly evil.

But, for the most part, they were assiduously and even ferociously brainwashed, almost from Day One. This was usually done by their genuinely loving but somewhat incompetent parents. And this basically merciless indoctrination was vastly aided by almost all of society and almost all of post-Hellenic history.

These people and the lessons of this history, in turn, derived their attitudes and ideas from the above. It all reinforces and perpetuates nicely, unfortunately.

Finally, it has to be noted that, for the most part, people everywhere are made to be stupid and depraved on this subject -- mostly stupid -- by the philosophers and intellectual leaders of the past 2600 years. This sadly includes quite-ambiguous Aristotle and quite-brief Rand -- both of which could have, and probably should have, done better.

"God" doesn't exist. Virtually everybody secretly knows it. And virtually everybody should, finally and at long last, publicly and privately admit it.    [from December 6th, 2008]

'The Permanent Antagonists'

Religion and faith have nothing in common with, and exist in complete opposition to, the concepts of science and reason. There's simply no nexus between them. Both pairs of beliefs and ideals utterly repudiate the others.

When science and reason were first discovered and invented around 600 BC, it was only a few generations before the enemies and destroyers known as "religion" and "faith" were also brought into this world. And even tho' virtually all god-squaders like to lie that this monotheistic deity creature actually antedates the Greek creation of philosophy and rational thought, the reality is entirely otherwise.

Almost all holy-rollers also like to pretend that "god" and logic can somehow coexist, harmonize, be reconciled, and live in peace. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Science and reason are the key to a prosperous, thriving, magnificent society and a successful, happy, great individual. Religion and faith, in contrast, are remorseless annihilators of human society and the Holy Individual. They are also 100% false and 100% evil.

Everyone knows this. Pretty much everyone today lies about it -- in a desperate, hopeless, absurd, malicious attempt to conjure "the lord" out of thin air -- but everyone knows it.

The fact is, this "god" thing is entirely fictitious and malicious. He smashes the seminal concepts of science and reason -- along with reality and truth -- directly into the dirt. Meanwhile, "god" himself is the living, breathing Antichrist.    [from November 9th, 2008]

'Worldwide Economic Depression'

World government today desperately needs economic freedom. We need capitalism, libertarianism, and laissez-faire. We need to radically cut state spending and regulation. A massive uptick in individual liberty and individual responsibility will restore consumer "confidence" and credit "liquidity." It will prevent any "panic" or "meltdown" -- any broad-based, long-term crash or collapse.

The Welfare State is killing us. The right-wing conservatives and left-wing progressives are killing us. The Republican party and Democratic party are both hideous, semi-Marxist organizations that fundamentally subscribe to socialism, fascism, and tyranny. The more they "help" us and "rescue" us -- the more they "bail out" the economy in general and the credit markets in particular -- the more they destroy us.

Because almost every voter is indeed a type of political and socio-economic moron and lowlife -- one who supports the failed evil Welfare State at every election -- the individual may indeed now have to work longer and harder, as well as spend less and save more, during this Big Brother-fueled downturn in the business cycle. But mainly the consumer, voter, and individual needs to support and vote for small government and raw freedom. Leviathan is savaging us with all this recent activism and "help" -- all this creative, inventive, massive, economic interventionism. We need to say NO! to the 1930s New Deal and 1960s Great Society and 2008 bailout extravaganza. We need to say YES! to capitalism, libertarianism, and laissez-faire.    [from October 10th, 2008]

'Torture, Trials, and the War on Jihad'

The proper way for America to deal with captured jihadi suspects -- the most moral and practical way -- is not to "detain" (i.e. cruelly jail) them without charge forever, interrogate them forever, and often torture them to boot. The best way -- the most idealistic and realistic way -- is to fully recognize that "justice delayed is justice denied," even for suspected jihadis who may be terrible enemies of profound evil.

Currently -- without evidence and witnesses presented in court -- the US is in significant part losing the War on Jihad and the Jihadis, due to bad publicity and propaganda worldwide. And this is justice. Appropriate revulsion and loathing from the planet -- especially from our friends and allies -- is hurting us badly, and shouldn't be overlooked. The evil of American lawlessness protects us very little, while surrendering the moral high ground, and recruiting for al Qaida, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. tremendously. The reality is: even jihadi suspects need and deserve open, public charges and quick, fair trials.

Without proper and decent trials for the "terrorists," the friends of freedom, civilization, America, and the West go away. Without rapid and just trials for even them, the friends of tyranny, barbarism, illiberalism, and Islamdom rise up.

After the trials, the innocent should be freed and the guilty executed. The world always needs to bear in mind what jihadis essentially are: those who wage aggressive war upon -- and attempt to enslave and murder -- innocent "infidels." These activist Muslim monsters seek to destroy human life, whether in small groups or whole nations.

Prior to execution, the US should rarely or never torture the convicted jihais. Rather, the military judges should offer to commute their sentences somewhat if they significantly help us find other mass-murdering jihadis. This should be much more efficacious than torture.

With a clear, clean, easy-to-understand, foreign policy like this, the prisoner-treatment controversy should be ended, and the problem solved. The civilized world will then love America and hate the jihadis again. The enemy will be mostly defeated and the War on Jihad largely won.    [from September 26th, 2008]

'Death to Islam'

Death to Islam. Death to moderate, mainstream, normal, average, standard, traditional Islam. Death to historical and current Islam. Death to all those who actively and effectively participate in the three true pillars of Islam: jihad (war), sharia (slavery), and shahada (martyrdom). Death to all those most responsible for 9/11. And immediate death to all those fundamentalist leaders of the governments, mosques, and madrassas of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Kill them all and bomb their institutions out of existence today!    [from September 11th, 2008]

'Epistemology for Everybody!'

All of sentient life is ultimately founded, and dependent, upon epistemology. So too all of personal happiness, cultural magnificence, and transcendent greatness.

Epistemology is the science and art of understanding, knowledge, definitive confidence, and absolute certainty. It tells us what we know, why we know it, and how. Epistemology involves profound and definitive truth-seeking and truth-finding.

If most people in a given culture privately admit, publicly profess, fundamentally understand, and seriously know -- deeply, truly, absolutely know -- that X is X, X=X, 0+1=1, 1+1=2, if X=Y and Y=Z then X=Z, and other such rudimentary baseline facts, then life in that society will be essentially wonderful and joyous. Such axioms and self-evidencies will strongly tend to generate massive and even limitless confidence in the power of reason in all individuals and in their derivative civilizations.

Their minds will be presumed to be efficacious and competent at discerning much of reality -- especially the important stuff -- and successfully dealing with almost all of life. Philosophical skepticism and dogmatism -- opposite sides of the same mindless counterfeit coin -- will be strictly minimized in that society. The vast powers to skepticism and dogmatism to destroy both the individual and the group will fall to close to zero. Thus the practice of rationality, and the subsequent discovery of truth, will be solidly maximized. In that civilization, fun, pleasure, and the good life will mightily prevail.

Catastrophic problems and super-threats to life can begin rapidly, however, when most people in authority in a given culture change their mind and don't admit, profess, understand, and know the axioms above. This is especially true if the leading, central, and foundational people in that society conclude that these related epistemological claims and truisms are merely probable, uncertain, trivial, irrelevant, or false.

Irrationality will quickly predominate. Life will quietly but ineluctably become desperate and miserable. This is because people absolutely need these self-evident truths. They need a sober, sound, solid, sure, intellectual starting point and foundation in order to properly lead and enjoy their lives. Without this, life, happiness, civilization, and greatness rapidly terminate.    [from August 20th, 2008]

'The Right to Keep and Bear Arms'

The holy Individual -- the purpose of society, and the cynosure of the universe -- has the absolute and untouchable right to keep and bear arms. Based on ubiquitous Natural Law and universal human freedom -- the governing legal principles of the whole world -- the sacred Individual has the inalienable and infinite right to own, carry, and use weapons of any and all types.

The individual wants and needs this right in order to protect himself from local criminals, foreign invaders, and his own government. This last, it must be noted, is often his defender and protector from criminals and invaders. But potentially it's also his worst attacker. However democratic, republican, and constitutional his state may be, it has the power to be the Individual's strongest rights-violator and his most formidable enemy. And it has to be borne in mind that for virtually the entire 5300-year history of government, it has been just that.

Simple logic and common sense tell us that the violators of individual rights -- the destroyers of "liberty and justice for all" -- will always be well-armed. History informs us of this emphatically. Local criminals, foreign invaders, and the government will always possess a vast array of dangerous weapons of aggression and destruction. So the laughably puny and almost defenseless Individual needs his arms as well.

The Individual ineluctably wants and needs a certain amount of weaponry-power at his disposal in order to keep his three potential enemies honest or at bay. He needs a significant amount of arms to plausibly and successfully protect his life, liberty, property, and privacy from ever-present, ever-menacing thieves, thugs, foreign soldiers, and Big Brother.

The holy Individual -- the very raison d'etre of the state -- particularly needs arms and weapons to threaten, attack, and kill potentially evil and tyrannical government agents. The main purpose of the right to keep and bear arms is to slaughter government officials.     [from July 10th, 2008]

'Rights and Freedoms'

Rights and freedoms, correctly considered, are unlimited and untouchable. No individual or collective can properly destroy or delimit them.

There's no such thing as a "right" to violate rights. This is true no matter how big and passionate a majority favors and benefits from it; and no matter how small and lackadaisical a minority opposes and suffers from it. Similarly, no individual, group, society, or government is ever legitimately "free" to violate freedom. All claims to the contrary are, ultimately, self-refuting contradictions.

Rights and freedoms belong, by nature, to the Holy Individual -- the cynosure of the universe. No collective or state -- however strong their wants and needs, and however morally and practically "good" they and their proposed action is -- can ever trespass these inalienable rights and inherent, intrinsic, ineluctable, inborn freedoms.

The individual liberty of the Sacred Self is pure and inviolable by all, for all time, in all instances and situations whatsoever. To attack -- or even remotely, minutely, temporarily diminish -- individual liberty is forever inhuman, bestial, savage, barbaric, injust, and immoral.     [from June 13th, 2008]

'The War on Jihad and the Jihadis'

The West is currently fighting a rather difficult two-front war against jihadism and the jihadis. This is both an intellectual battle and a military one. In this death-struggle, the West is overwhelmingly strong in wealth, technology, and arms -- but remarkably weak in philosophy and morality.

The West today pretty much lacks all philosophical self-confidence and moral certainty. We may be rich, advanced, armed to the teeth and as strong as Superman -- but we're intellectually bereft. In this fight-to-the-finish, the West almost seems to yearn for death -- especially in Europe. Today's Western liberalism is a culture largely animated by self-hatred and dedicated to self-destruction.

In this odd, low-level war, the West is struggling for the hearts and minds of average Muslims, but against their ideologically-driven warriors. The first group can be reformed, and converted to civilization. The second group is beyond hope, and needs to be utterly neutralized -- or even exterminated.

In this world-wide battle-royal, the enemy jihadists take the form of soldiers, insurgents, guerrillas, and terrorists. They also take the form of civilian leaders, ideological recruiters, local organizers, international suppliers, charity-donors, and aid-workers. Both groups need to be obliterated from earthly existence.

But the West also needs to refute and defeat jihadism. We need to successfully philosophically damn and morally condemn it. If we do this effectively -- with truth and justice on our side -- the jihadis will almost immediately die out. By intellectually destroying the ideology of jihadism, we will extirpate the derivative jihadists -- cut them off at the root.

Therefore the West desperately needs to understand how to efficaciously argue against the deadly philosophy of jihadism. We need, at long last, to learn how to persuasively prove it false and evil -- to us and them. One obvious but powerful technique is our intelectual leaders must convincingly group jihadism with its close cousins, fascism and communism.

But to effectively do this, we must refute and defeat Islam as well. That's because this is jihadism's clear intellectual foundation. Therefore we need to philosophically damn and morally condemn it. Islam as we know it needs to be ruthlessly trashed, bashed, and smashed by the West.

To state it unequivocably: the ideology of historical and current Islam itself needs to be brutally attacked and ruthlessly destroyed. Why? Because it leads directly to jihadism, the jihadis, and our throats.     [from February 14th, 2008]

'Good vs. Evil'

The battle of Good vs. Evil is mostly, fundamentally, and most importantly an internal phenomenon. Your main enemy -- and ally -- is the man in the mirror. The principal battlefield between life and death, health and sickness, strength and weakness, greatness and pettiness, pleasure and pain, happiness and misery is between your ears.

Your main job in life is to work hard and smart. You're mostly dealing with -- not your fellow man, but -- physical and mental reality: with somehow filling 24 hours a day, finding meaning and purpose, and expanding and improving yourself. Your principal enemies in all this are being lazy and ignorant, as well as being dishonest and cowardly. You also need to try to avoid irrationality at all costs.

Of course, work isn't everything. In the Game of Life, play and fantasy and rest are important too. These are valuable both for their own sake and pleasure, and to enhance and uplift your main and bedrock activity: working hard and smart. A balanced and diverse life, which contains all four crucial elements, certainly seems best and richest and the most fun.

Naturally, external living enemies can and do hurt you. This mainly includes tyrants, criminals, liars, and betrayers. But the worst enemy and focus of evil -- unless your social circumstances are truly extreme -- is always the low, slow, dull, weak, mediocre, inferior version of yourself. This ignoble, depraved, dark side of the Self is mostly what you have to strive to subdue, overmatch, and crush -- and on a generally continuous basis, no less.

Christianity claims that for you to be truly good, and see evil defeated inside of you, you have to be "born again." Nietzsche claims you have to overcome your aboriginal self and become a "superman." However you look at it, the ferocious and never-ending battle between good and evil is mainly that of repeatedly choosing and being your best possible self -- or at least immensely trying for this.

Shakespeare argues: "This above all: to thine own self be true." But it isn't easy or automatic. Aristotle calls such ethical behavior a matter of developing and maintaining good habits.

You seem to have to work hard and smart, to work hard and smart, if you want to be your best and truest self. Having Good triumph over Evil inside yourself is an unending challenge.

In the Game of Life -- as you work away, and struggle along -- you also have to be brave and honest. This mainly means openly, directly facing yourself -- including your weaknesses, failures, and diabolical inner demons. This mostly means not lying to yourself -- the greatest of sins, but the easiest error to slip into. Courageously confronting external enemies and being straight with your friends is certainly important -- but this isn't the essence of the virtues of bravery and honesty. You mostly have to fiercely, intransigently fight the ever-present internal enemy -- and work hard and smart in this regard too.     [from January 11th, 2008]

'Horrific Black Leaders'

For over half a century American blacks have been lead by Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan. Yet all five are scumbags in general and racists in particular. This includes the two dead ones, who have been hilariously and outrageously "deified" -- despite their vast sliminess and bigotry.

All five black "leaders" are open demagogues who essentially hate Western civilization, America, white people, Jews, freedom, and capitalism. All champion the massive evil of socialism combined with the stunning injustice of "affirmative action." And all have a personal attitude and philosophy which can probably best be summed up as "hate whitey, kill whitey."

So how did these five would-be tyrants and genocidists ever get to be black leaders in the first place? Is this really the best black America can do in terms of finding a public face and voice? And who remotely thinks these five are legitimate civil rights leaders or champions of genuine peace, harmony, and brotherhood between whites and blacks?

Deep down all seem secretly ashamed to be black. All five evidently hate themselves and "their own kind." And all seem to be drop-dead dedicated to bringing on some version of a race war and civil war, as they go forth to decimate both whites and blacks.

Aside from their demonic love of Big Brother and hard-line institutionalized bigotry, all five personally-repellent Jesus-freaks seem fanatically dedicated to petty self-aggrandizement and a personal lust for power. Their demagoguery and passion for tyranny seems to know no bounds.

So why in hell are these miserable, god-awful, rat-bastards considered to be black leaders? Can't black Americans pick any smarter or wiser? What does it say about black society that when it comes to leadership: Martin, Malcolm, Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan -- these notorious monsters and racist vermin -- are evidently the best blacks can do?     [from November 30th, 2007]

'Death to Islam -- Not to Muslims!'

America and the West are engaged in a War on Islam -- not Muslims per se.

The ideology of Islam needs to be savagely attacked and utterly destroyed. But not necessarily all Muslims. Only the ones who are activist: firstly the fighters, and secondly the ones who finance them. And, yes, this includes all the highly-respected tribal leaders and small, humble, "innocent civilian," tribal peoples in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Pakistan) who give the jihadis food and shelter.

But we all mainly need to hate and fight and annihilate a philosophy -- not a people. The evil Muslim philosophy turns the Muslim people into monsters.

George Bush and all the ignorant, depraved, intellectual leaders of the world talk unceasingly about a war on terror -- which is a tactic. But we need to make war against an ideology -- a set of ideas and ideals.

The key point is normal Islam is hideous and loathsome. Not just radical or extremist Islam. Normal Islam is like normal communism and Nazism. George Bush and all our leading thinkers are a real nightmare and true Western treasonists in forever praising normal Islam.

We're never going to win this war if we keep condoning and praising moderate, average, mainstream Islam. We just about can't lose if we morally and intellectually condemn it. Victory will come quickly and easily if we openly, loudly, proudly state that Islam is wildly evil, and we hate the guts of all who believe in it and practice it.

The way all this talk manifests itself -- or at least the way it should -- is in America and the West openly excoriating and brutally attacking the Islamic beliefs and practices of jihad and sharia, which means all jihadists and shariaists. Anyone who in any significant way militarily or financially advances the evil cause and belief-system of jihad and sharia should be killed.     [from November 1st, 2007]

'The Objectivist Ascent'

Ayn Rand wrote cultism and "Randroidism" into the very warp and woof of the early Objectivist movement. It's found in most of the didactic speeches of her 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged, and in virtually all of her philosophic essays of the 1960s and 1970s. This malign presence has badly hurt the development of Objectivist thought -- and the spread of Objectivist philosophy -- from the beginning. The profound evil which is Objectivist religiosity needs to be brutally crushed.

The Objectivist universe became considerably more normal and healthy -- less hideously cult-like -- after the Rand-Branden split of 1968. It was like a minor deliverance -- a joyous note of liberation. Objectivism became still more philosophically natural and proper after Rand's death in 1982. Intellectual and psychological freedom rose -- even tho' few Objectivists could truly be called open-minded, free-thinking, or spiritually ascendant.

Progress was also made during the period of the high-minded Objectivist Forum from 1980-1987, and with the shocking expose which was Rand's biography in 1986. Still more progress came -- more normalcy and vitality -- with the Peikoff-Kelley split in 1988 and the consequent founding of IOS in 1989. The latest major ascent toward health and happiness in the Objectivist movement was with the beginning of SOLO in 2002.

And it may even be true that ARI recently muddled along and obliquely decided -- finally and at long last -- to engage with public intellectuals starting in early 2006. Altho' ARI is far too slimy, cowardly, and dishonest to openly announce this change of policy, nevertheless this rather marvelous turn in the right direction may be continuing even as we speak. Perhaps by 2010 or 2020 ARI will actually allow objective and critical analysis of the thought of Objectivism and the life of Ayn Rand!

Let's hope this trend toward treating the thinking and theories of Rand like the thinking and theories of Aristotle, Cicero, Voltaire, and Hayek continues. Let's hope the Objectivist movement continues to become ever-less cultish and religious -- and ever-more rational and philosophic.     [from August 17th, 2007]

'Liberalism vs. Progressivism'

In The Future of Liberalism (1934), John Dewey co-opted the name "liberalism" to describe an ideology that was actually "progressive." Dewey described the "old liberalism" as committed to protecting the individuals rights of free speech, religion, private property, and government economic non-intervention. Dewey considers the old liberalism to have lacked the principle of "historic relativity." This "deficiency" led the old liberals to declare their principles immutable natural laws. They advocated as an eternal truth the confinement of government to protecting against the infringement of the individuals liberty to action on the part of the others.

Dewey does not share the old liberals' belief in the "individual as something given, complete in itself, of liberty as a ready-made possession of the individual, only needing the removal of external restrictions to manifest itself." Rather he claims that this belief has degenerated into "pseudo-liberalism" or the advocacy of a laissez-faire economy and limited government that he opposed in his own day. Deweys "new liberalism," i.e., progressivism, holds that the individual is "something achieved with the air and support of cultural, physical, economic, legal, and political institutions." The role of government according to progressivism is not merely to remove active violations of the individuals freedom but to promote and cultivate positive institutions to assist in the development of individuality.

Furthermore, Dewey believes that progressivism is committed to the idea of historic relativity and holds that "the content of the individual and freedom change with time; this is as true of social as of individual development." In this way, progressivism departs from the Founding Fathers understanding of fixed self-evident moral principles -- such as those expressed in the Declaration of Independence -- which hold true for all men in all times and places. Rather, progressivism adheres to evolving standards of justice, the proper role of government, and the individual itself. The ends of Deweys progressivism are claimed to be the "full freedom of the human spirit and of individuality," which entails "full cultural freedom" to share in "the resources of civilization" -- an extremely broad aspiration whose content changes and evolves with the times.

Deweys appropriation of the term "liberalism" to mean advocacy of extensive government intervention in the economy completely reversed that terms prior meaning. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, liberalism stood for limited government, free enterprise, and the sovereignty of the individual in all areas regarding his own life. It is time to return to that ideal and expose "new liberalism" as an unjustified name at the least. While the old liberalism truly empowered and liberated the individual, the new liberalism shackles him under an ever-amassing array of state controls.     [by Gennady Stolyarov II; from July 27th, 2007]

'Best Definition Ever'

The price of liberty isn't "eternal vigilance," as Thomas Jefferson says, but a correct definition. One can never obtain freedom until one knows precisely what freedom is.

Individual liberty is best defined as "The unlimited right to think, say, and do anything, but absolutely anything, that you wish; provided you respect the equal and concomitant right of your fellow man to think, say, and do anything, but absolutely anything, that he wishes. None of these rights compete, conflict, contravene, or contradict; rather, all of them supplement, compliment, coincide, and reinforce."

Freedom for individuals means no initiation of physical force nor use of financial fraud against others. Freedom for government means no taxation or regulation of the economic or socio-personal behavior of individuals.     [from June 28th, 2007]

'The War Movement'

Nowadays virtually everyone is a fighter for, and champion of, peace. Especially world peace.

Everybody everywhere supports "peace" -- whether it's the old-time peace treaties between the former Soviet bloc and the West, or today's peace movement between the Arabs and the Israelis.

Certainly the largely-socialist Left is filled with unending proponents and activists "struggling" for peace. But the largely-religious Right works hard for peace too. The world's conservatives are led by the Christians and Muslims, both of which seem to promote and exemplify peace explicitly. Jesus is almost universally known as "the prince of peace," while Islam, even in the post 9/11 era, is generally known as "the religion of peace." All the men of god evidently love peace.

Moreover the United Nations -- to which all countries belong -- is absolutely, and even fanatically, dedicated to "peace." The UN militantly and unalterably promotes peace and opposes "war" in virtually all their respective forms.

Thus everyone everywhere sighs, whines, and weeps for peace. Kumbaya idealists and utopians piteously crying for peace constitute virtually the totality of the current human race.

It's incredibly important to note that none of the above-mentioned groups and institutions -- Left, Right, Christians, Muslims, UN -- favors freedom over peace. None advocate, champion, or ferociously fight for the values and goals of liberty, justice, and individual rights -- as opposed to peace. Just the opposite.

At best, all the groups above fatuously, depravedly see these political and socio-economic values as equal or concomitant. At best, freedom and peace are one to them. At least, provided you don't talk about or emphasize freedom too much.

But the fact is, peace without freedom is worthless. And freedom always and necessarily entails peace. It invariably generates a just, honorable, and lasting peace, no less. So the value system of all the peoples and belief-systems mentioned above is catastrophically wrong.

What the world needs right now is a mighty war -- a war for individual liberty. What the planet currently desperately lacks, but could surely use, is not peace, but a rousing, thunderous, massive war.

We need to start a war movement -- a full-scale assault on tyranny and injustice. We should wage a merciless, vicious, full-throttle war against the peaceniks and peace-mongers -- and in favor of individual liberty. We need to create an active, aggressive, attacking movement for political and socio-economic freedom. And this pro-liberty war movement needs to savagely crush the worldwide peace movement.     [from June 15th, 2007]


There are big problems today in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and virtually the whole of the Muslim Middle East. But, as always, Westerners don't have the slightest thought of accurately, truthfully naming the problem or accurately, usefully identifying the enemy. If we did, that would be Islam. You know -- the evil, loathsome, belief-system of jihad (war) and sharia (slavery)?

But virtually every Westerner today passionately, emphatically prefers to lie about this, and say the problem and enemy is merely radical, extremist, fundamentalist, fascist, militant, political, what-have-you Islam. Meanwhile, back at Reality Ranch, virtually the whole backward, weakling, poorhouse Islamic region of the planet is a kind of living hell due to normal, average, and moderate Islam.

When will we in the West learn to tell the truth with no more of these "great religion of peace hijacked" lies?

When will we declare war on the various jihadi groups and kill every last one of them?

When will we smash the wildly illegitimate and threatening dictatorships Of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, etc.?

When will we take back our Mid-East oil and land which they wantonly stole from us via "nationalization"?

When will we at least break diplomatic relations with all of them and heavily morally condemn them?

When will we at least attack them economically by boycotting "their" oil and refusing to be "sell them the rope" traitors who pass along high tech goods, services, and ideas -- especially oil and military ones?

When will our "useful idiot" writers and leading thinkers stop being so useful and idiotic?

Today's Western "civilization" is clearly evil, stupid, and suicidal. In many ways we deserve to be enslaved or destroyed by these Muslim mutants, monsters, morons, and mincing milksops.     [from March 8th, 2007]

'Death to the UN!'

Every year, dozens of outrages perpetrated by it merely serve to illustrate what should be an obvious point: The United Nations has no right to exist. At the least, no civilized or free nation should care or dare to be a member.

The UN is essentially an organization of dictatorships and appeasers of dictatorships. It's a kind of global Murder, Torture, and Slavery Inc. No nation or government of any decency or humanity can properly belong to it. Not unless their goal is simply to brutalize or destroy mankind.

The alleged purpose of the UN is world peace. This multi-national organization supposedly tries to resolve issues and problems thru reason-based dialog and negotiations. But the profound reality here is "peace" is a false ideal.

When it comes to government and international relations, the great political ideal is liberty, justice, and individual rights. What all states and their citizens desperately need -- first, last, and only -- is political freedom. Once this is established, all other socio-economic problems and cultural difficulties on the local and international scene virtually solve themselves.

Moreover "peace" -- the invariably trumpeted refrain of all tyrannies -- is a thing which is just about never realized with totalitarian regimes. And it's a thing which is just about automatic with free states. So peace by itself is a hopeless or pointless goal.

But the United Nations is also dedicated to other mistaken ideals such as "security" and "stability," along with "self-determination" and "democracy." Still other false gods which the "conflict resolution" mandarins of the UN worship are "non-violation of national sovereignty" and "non-interference in internal affairs."

These last two are particularly loathsome ideals when it comes to dictatorships. But the United Nations seems to love the misery and death-agony of the citizens of these dysfunctional and dictatorial states.

Altho' a similar type organization of civilized and free states might well be legitimate and useful, the current UN is a garrulous, red-taped, anti-freedom, illiberal hellhole of bureaucracy and tyranny -- of boredom and yet terror -- where the barbarians aren't just at the gates, but right inside. The United Nations is a worthless, counterproductive criminal syndicate and global monstrosity which is the pure enemy of America and the West, and which needs to be eradicated from this earth.     [from September 26th, 2006]

'Pure Liberals'

True and proper liberals are pure believers in, and practitioners of: reasonism, individualism, libertarianism, heroism, and transcendentalism. They are also unapologetic and emphatic world revolutionaries. This is so, however much it may bore and scare the naturally indifferent, timid, and reactionary outside world.

The Beatles were right in 1967 when they said: "We all want to change the world." But more important than planetary revolution is personal revolution. Or at least evolution. In the game of life, becoming a Nietzschean an superman is always Job One.

This job -- this intense sacred moral duty -- is also much harder than mere world revolution. Any jerk and loser can be wildly successful at social reform. But can he improve and reform himself?

Personal revolution and the ascent of the Holy Individual is always far more challenging -- and even far more "earth-shaking." And yet, rather blissfully, this is also considerably more accessible and possible. The all-important phenomenon of self-improvement also allows any potential world revolutionary to teach and lead in the best way possible: by example.     [from June 16th, 2006]

'Liberal Nadir'

According to the Nobel Prize winning liberal theorist Friedrich Hayek, intellectual liberalism mostly died out by World War I and 1914. But even without this noble ideal, many of Samuel Huntington's "clashes of civilization" continued, and are with us yet. The main ones probably were and are:

  • the Jews vs. the Arabs in Israel, "the occupied territories," and the Middle East

  • the whites vs. the blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe

  • the Taiwanese Chinese vs. the mainland Chinese

  • America and NATO vs. the old Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact

  • the old West Germany and West Berlin vs. the old East Germany and East Berlin

  • the post-9/11 America and the West vs. the jihadis and Muslim countries

  • today's white native Europeans vs. Muslim immigrant Europeans

  • today's white native Americans vs. black, hispanic, and Muslim residents of America

    All these fights are terribly important. But liberalism today is surpassingly bad. Today's version of Western liberal culture is so weak, insipid, and feckless that few people today have anything more than a slight and casual idea of who's right and who's wrong in the above seminal, world-shaking clashes. Today's version of Western liberal philosophy is so false and wicked that even clear, clean, obvious battle royals between Good and Evil are observed by practically everyone alive with ambiguity, confusion, indifference, and wholesale ignorance. Today's version of Western liberalism is so illiberal that in the above monumental wars between civilization and barbarism almost no one can distinguish the blazing obvious good guys from the blazingly obvious bad guys.

    The reason for these absurdities and monstrosities is plain: Political correctness and multiculturalism rule the world. Moral equivalency and cultural relativism rule the world. Intellectual and moral bankruptcy rule the world. Stupidity and depravity rule the world. Raw irrationality rules the world.

    Pure liberalism, in contrast, is very far off. The culture, philosophy, morality, and politics of definitive, ultimate, perfect, final stage liberalism is very far off.     [from June 1st, 2006]

    'Rearing Children'

    Today's proto-liberal thinkers are pretty confused about the subject of children and child abuse. Objectivist-style proto-liberals even go so far as to claim that there's no such thing as "children's rights."

    Almost all would-be liberals today condemn the coercive child labor laws which began in about the 1820s in the West. And almost all condemn the compulsory child education laws which began in about the 1850s. Proto-liberals see these as violations of the rights of parents. They see them as government tyranny.

    But the reality is children have Natural Law based, inalienable rights too -- just as do high-order animals. Neither can be treated as the inanimate property of their "owners."

    And a strong case can be made that forcing five- to ten-year-olds to work 12 hours a day -- as was common in northern England and elsewhere -- is a form of slavery. A similarly strong case can be made that denying a child an education is a form of mental robbery and spiritual impoverishment. Aristotle claims that "The educated are as different from the uneducated, as the living from the dead." So one could argue that depriving a kid of an education is a kind of intellectual and psychological murder.

    Objectivists, libertarians, Austrians, and modern classical liberals also don't seem to understand the subject of religion and children. Old-style semi-liberals from the 1800s -- who weren't all that religious themselves! -- nevertheless thought it was monstrous to bring up a child without god. They thought it denied him a lofty spirituality for his present and a hope of immortality for his future.

    And today's proto-liberals aren't all that different. The majority think that belief in god is basically "good" for the individual -- and for society. And they think each parent has the "right" to brain-wash his kid with any religious belief he wants.

    But the fact is "god" is a pure lie and a pure evil. Any parent or adult which "teaches" a child about religion -- except as a warning -- is guilty of severe mental cruelty and psychological rape.

    All of the above constitutes horrific child-abuse. Kids really do have certain inborn and untouchable rights which have to be respected by all. And society is morally and legally obligated to protect children from any abuse and rights-violations -- even, and especially, by their parents.

    Today's proto-liberals -- or maybe pseudo-liberals -- desperately need to rethink some of their theories on children and child-abuse.     [from May 12th, 2006]

    'Religious Ax-Murderers'

    Altho' most people consider the "god-fearing" to be sweet, gentle, quietly hopeful folk, the fact is: those who believe in "god" have a strong tendency to be Russian ax-murderers.

    This is based on the religious idea -- as taught by Paul, Luther, and many others -- that by faith alone is the god-believer "saved" -- not by commiting virtuous acts. Doing good and avoiding evil isn't important. Killing the innocent isn't a problem. But "losing faith" is.

    Thus anyone anywhere who causes a religionist to become less confident in his faith and supporting irrational beliefs is rightly considered to be a terrible threat to the believer. This awful faith-diminishing individual -- who may be a tool of Satan, if not Satan himself -- might well cause someone to "fall out of grace" with god and thereafter "burn in hell forever." Thus this horrific misleader and anti-faith "snake in the grass" is properly ax-murdered as soon as possible by all good people.

    Moreover any person any time who talks or acts sensibly, or displays good sense, or has notable common sense, is also legitimately considered to be a massive enemy. In order to maintain their superstitions and faith, religionists need to be forever zealous, fanatic, lunatic, and even insane. They can never be calm, collected, normal, or natural about these things. Thus any man of sense -- by his very lifestyle and existence -- is a huge threat to necessary religious mania which enables the loyal theist to get to "heaven."

    Worst of all for the faithful is the man of reason. People who believe in and follow reason, rationality, logic, and science are the most monstrous and deadly of all to a holy man. Every word these reasonists utter and every tiny act they engage in is a horrific threat to the man of god. The religious belief-system is completely vulnerable. This is because reason and faith are diametric opposites, pure enemies, and utterly incompatible. Thus all rational men -- by the 'logic' and 'reason' of religion -- should be brutally slaughtered on the spot. Indeed, ax-murdering is too good for them.     [from February 28th, 2006]

    'Worthless Democracy'

    George Bush, Natan Sharansky, many neo-conservatives, and many others nowadays are very determined to bring democracy to the world, especially the Third World. But democracy isn't all that important or beneficial. Indeed, democracy is sometimes positively evil. It can be bad in theory and practice.

    Under democracy imbecilic low-lives and ingenious saints have the same number of votes. What an injustice! And since mediocrities and philistines invariably outnumber their opposites, this generally puts the government into the hands of the incompetent and the depraved. By itself democracy often leads to mob rule, criminal rule, dictatorship, and horrific tyranny. This sheeple, mass-man, lowest common denominator, false ideal often leads to Hitler and Hamas.

    In the end, democracy is pretty much garbage. It's nothing, really.

    Freedom is everything. Individual liberty is the beginning, end, middle, and totality of government. It's the whole of proper socio-economics, political science, and the law. Nothing else matters a jot.

    Democracy, republicanism, a constitution, a bill of rights, self-rule and autonomy, one man one vote, separation of legislature, executive, and judiciary, checks and balances, an independent judiciary, objective law, a free press, and even rule by law and not men are all basically trash. At the least, they aren't intrinsically worthwhile or valuable in and of themselves. They're merely methods of gaining and maintaining freedom. They're just tried and true tools used toward the disideratum of individual liberty.

    Even if wierd space aliens invaded the planet, and set up an inherited monarchy -- based on theocracy, patriarchy, and primogeniture, no less -- no earth creature would have the right to complain about these "foreign devils" and "extra-terrestrial conquerors" provided the government set up was a pure "liberia" or "libertaria." So long as these perhaps bizarre, hideous, nightmarish ETs imposed a government based on pure and total freedom, justice, and individual rights, all humans would be utterly morally compelled to thank them, not curse or fight them.

    All hail Kang and Kodos!     [from February 10th, 2006]

    'Purpose of Philosophy'

    The purpose of philosophy seems to be threefold: understanding the universe, changing the world, and improving the self. In other words: learning as much as possible about physical, social, and personal reality. But why should one go on a long and arduous Holy Grail quest to grasp the nature of nature, society, and self? Quite simply for the heroic reason of individual greatness and happiness. For the reason of making life worth living, and even of being a type of god.

    Now, philosophy is genuinely scary in that it seems to command you to become a world revolutionary. That seems to be the upshot of point two above. But it should be borne in mind that the main social reality and job for the Sacred Self is to comprehend and manipulate his own small world of friends and aquaintances. And generally this last task is mostly under his own control and within his own power. Thus the individual needn't necessarily spend large amounts of time and energy involved in the extremely difficult and dangerous work of overthrowing the planetary order. His main job, as regards philosophy purpose number two, is to improve his all-important inner circle.

    Philosophy seems to be a very strong vehicle for uplifting the One -- the cynosure of the universe -- and for enhancing the quantity and quality of his pleasure in life. A largely true, rational, relevant, helpful philosophy -- like that taught by Rand, Aristotle, Epicurus, and Zeno -- seems like a great tool and asset in "understanding the universe, changing the world, and improving the self" as above.     [from January 1st, 2006]

    'Objectivism is Number One!'

    The ancient Greeks coined the term "philosophy" to mean "love of wisdom." Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary (1988) defines philosophy, in part, as "the persuit of wisdom" and "a search for a general understanding of values and reality." The Oxford Companion to Philosophy (1995) defines it, in part, as "rationally critical thinking, of a more or less systematic kind, about the general nature of the world (metaphysics or theory of existence), the justification of belief (epistemology or theory of knowledge), and the conduct of life (ethics or theory of value)."

    Philosophy can also be seen as an instruction manual about, and guide to, the nature of the world, society, and individual. It explains how best to live inside these three, and with these three. Philosophy also explains how you -- the cynosure of the universe -- can be your truest and best, your happiest and greatest.

    Nowadays no fully-developed philosophy or ideology loves wisdom or understands reality better than Objectivism. No thought-system is as helpful and useful at describing society and how the Holy Individual should live in it. Today's Objectivism knows Mother Nature, humanity collectively, and the noble self best of all. It explains how to exploit and get the most out of all three.

    Objectivism is a philosophy which can, and probably will, spark a world revolution. It will eventually inaugurate a new Age of Reason and Second Enlightenment.

    But, more immediately, Objectivism can spark a revolution inside of you. This is the most important thing of all. A life of sheer fun, pure pleasure, and virtually limitless joy isn't easy to get -- but Objectivism outlines the best current path to it.     [from December 6th, 2005]

    'Objectivism Today'

    People who are considering embracing the philosophy of Objectivism should be well aware: Many Objectivists today are religious dogmatists who belong to a sickly cult, not a healthy philosophical school. Many are highly irrational, illiberal, self-abnegating, and self-destroying. They worship Ayn Rand and Objectivism, not truth and reality. They're slavishly loyal to their collective and sect, not their own individual happiness. These people are wierd, malicious, inhuman, anti-social, mindless, soulless "rationalists" and "intrinsicists," as they put it. They're "evaders" and "second-handers" and "social metaphysicians," to use their evil cult-lingo. The good news, however, is that these pseudo-Objectivists are slowly falling in number and intensity.

    Courtesy largely of Sense of Life Objectivists, Rebirth of Reason, and The Objectivist Center, the old-style moralizing, psychologizing, emotional repressing, and intellectual bullying is somewhat fading. Inside the Objectivist movement there's less intimidation and malicious abuse of "followers." Inside the Objectivist community there's fewer deferrals to Ayn Rand's authority and fewer demands to take her views on faith. The Objectivist universe -- even as we speak -- is ever-so-slowly cleaning and lifting itself up.      [from November 29th, 2005]

    'The Liberal Ten Commandments'

    1. Thou shalt work and try hard -- especially mentally.

    2. Thou shalt work well and efficiently -- especially mentally.

    3. Thou shalt not lie to, delude, or brainwash thy sacred Self.

    4. Thou shalt not hide from nor ignore either the truth or thy sacred Self.

    5.Thou shalt have tons of fun -- always.

    6. Thou shalt not commit crimes: neither stealing others' property, nor injuring others physically, nor hurting kids mentally.

    7. Thou shalt not defend, support, or appease government tyranny or slavery; rather, thou shalt subvert and undermine it continuously and ruthlessly.

    8.Thou shalt not lie to others -- even strangers.

    9. Thou shalt generally be empathetic, supportive, and loyal to others -- especially those of high virtue, lovers, friends, relatives, kids, and pets.

    10. Thou shalt generally make everyone else have tons of fun -- especially those of high virtue, lovers, friends, relatives, kids, and pets.      [from November 15th, 2005]

    'The Current Evil'

    American President Ronald Reagan once called the Soviet Union an "Empire of Evil." The realm of Islam is that today. President Reagan also called the Soviet Union "the focus of evil in the modern world." Islam is that today.

    Yesterday's horrific communist world revolutionaries have been largely displaced on the international scene by today's Islamo-fascists and Jihadis. The old "red menace" has become the "green menace." Both flagitious illiberalisms -- socialism and Islam -- are overwhelmingly irrational in philosophy, self-sacrificial in ethics, and tyrannical in politics. Both feature a tedious esthetics and an empty spirituality. Still, the flavor and style of the new evil is somewhat different.

    Unfortunately for all, nothing like Ronald Reagan can be found in Britain's current leader Tony Blair or America's current leader George Bush. They both say Islam is a "great" religion of "peace" which has been "hijacked" by a tiny number of deviants. This apologia for the enemy constitutes an immense moral sanction and is utterly the language of appeasement and surrender. It portends a type of Western suicide.

    Faced by the terrible evil of communism a generation ago, the West -- led by America -- fought and defeated the red menace, and won the Cold War. Faced by the terrible evil of Islam this generation, the West -- led by America -- needs to fight and defeat the green menace, and win the Jihadi War.      [from November 9th, 2005]

    'The Cautious World Revolutionary'

    Our 21st century world -- like all predominantly irrational, illiberal cultures and societies -- is very much a world of menace, violence, assault, and murder. So why should anyone ever challenge it, say, with radical new political or philosophical theories? The price of dissent and heresy against popular beliefs is almost always quite high. Indeed, it's often alacritous death, if not torture before.

    So why should anyone suffer the personal anguish and futile exasperation of arguing with the conservative and reactionary powers-that-be when almost by definition these people are mindless drones and obnoxious insects? These dullards and bastards are of no objective or long-term value to the world, but are a very real short-term threat to one's prosperity and life. And at all cost one should avoid becoming a pointless victim and martyr.

    Almost certainly the dissideratum -- the proper procedure and strategy -- is to keep the discussion about one's radical changes and would-be improvements to current ideas very vague, general, and abstract. If possible, one should seek to quietly and indirectly foment an intellectual revolution without anyone actually noticing.

    Of course -- one doesn't want to be a complete coward, liar, low-life, and traitor to oneself.

    Still, the general goal is to fly under their inevitably mediocre, if pervasive, radar. One must only champion truth and goodness to the extent the concommitant socio-economic penalty and physical menace is mostly minor, manageable, evadable, and defeatable. The intellectual revolutionary should try to never overly come to his ultra-powerful enemy's attention or within their dreadful gun sights.

    The natural result of this strategy is one's innovations in politics, philosophy, culture, etc. will likely have less, or even much less, impact during one's lifetime, and that is a pain and a loss. But despite being an "extremist," "rabble-rouser," and general "trouble-maker" the creative, dynamic thinker will then maintain his flourishing and existence, and that is a great pleasure and gain.     [from October 13th, 2005]

    'Hurricane Socialism'

    Nothing is more certain than that a whole shelf of major books will soon be written about the upcoming government fiasco in response to Hurricane Katrina. Big Brother is really going to hurt us on this one. The soon-to-be socialist disaster will dwarf the economic and social damage done by the storm itself. And the current sad, sorry, dismal world of libertarianism and Objectivism is utterly impotent to stop it.

    The correct solution to the current problem is private charity and private initiative. Freedom, capitalism, and getting Uncle Sam out of the way is the key. But the significantly illiberal, failed, and intellectually bankrupt universe of libertarianism and Objectivism practically doesn't have Clue One how to advocate or advance this. So the horrific storm surge of Big Brother is about to swamp us all.      [from September 17th, 2005]

    "The Opium of the Masses"

    Four years before he wrote The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx observed that "Religion is the opium of the masses." This is literally true in that opium is both an analgesic (deadener of pain) and a hallucinogenic (generator of illusions). The hoi polloi seem to need both.

    The main purpose of religion -- its genesis and fundamental essence -- is to comfort mankind in the face of death. Accurate, rational knowledge of human mortality is evidently so painful to the man in the street -- and a few others -- that he willingly, eagerly turns to "god" as his permanent vehicle for anesthesia and delusion.

    From the beginning, monotheism has been a massive and formidable phenomenon in human affairs. Such is the power of this mental and psycho-spiritual stupifier that even slavery becomes bearable with it. In Marx's time, a black slave who had "got religion" was far more passive and docile than his more rational and virtuous counterpart. The evil narcotic of theism made him lose his pride, will, and soul -- and thus no longer seek very much to escape servitude.

    The morphine-like tranquilizer and intoxicant which is "god" is, of course, entirely false and evil. But pretty much every mass-man embraces it. Even among men of quality, few are brave, honest, virtuous, dynamic, and heroic enough to reject religion completely. But monotheism is a terrible poison which enslaves worse than any drug, and which destroys the soul of all. Religion and "god" are pure evil, and at some point the masses need to be made aware of this.

    Of course...socialism is the opium of the intellectuals. It deadens the pain of their failure to create a socio-political utopia by deluding them about a false ideal based on collective tyranny which hasn't worked since Sparta.      [from September 8th, 2005]

    'Spy vs. Spy'

    The whole complex, subtle, tricky world of Cold War espionage and subterfuge was fascinating. Pretty much everyone involved in it was a cynic, bastard, and traitor -- but also an idealist. The philosophic confusion and ambiguity was immense. And the moral grayness never ended.

    The pro-Western spies -- those variegated "moles," "operatives," and "assets" -- were generally somewhat high-minded and noble, and believed in freedom. But they were also almost uniformly highly amoral, unprincipled, pragmatic, and realpolitiky in the notorious manner of Prince von Metternich and Henry Kissinger. These Western freedom fighters and Cold Warriors sleazily and self-destructively pursued "the greater good," and thought that "the ends justify the means." Their "power politics" and "balance of terror" games, schemes, scams, and shams were legendary.

    The pro-Eastern spies were generally much more honest and idealistic. Their courage, devotion, and integrity was often breath-taking. But they were also quite cynical, and frequently very personally corrupt, debauched, and debased. They believed that world tyranny was inevitable, the destiny of mankind, the way of the world -- and probably for our own damn good, and all for the best.

    So in this spy-counterspy universe: Who is truly good, admirable, and heroic? Who is even respectable or tolerable?

    The West almost always betrayed its friends -- in order to "fight communism." This phenomenon was heart-rending and beyond horrific. The victim could be a freedom-loving man or country in the West. It could be a brave turncoat behind now-enemy lines. It could be a secretly friendly autocrat in the East. But sooner or later, one way or the other, the West pretty much always betrayed them. The classic example here is the all damage done by "the Cambridge Four" led by Kim Philby -- all those terrible Trinity traitors born with the silver spoons in their mouths.

    In the end, the only people who really believed in Western-style semi-freedom were the dissidents and refuseniks of the East. And the only true and honest communists -- the only ones who weren't playing a slimy, cynical game for personal power and wealth -- were the disaffected idealists and ferocious revolutionaries of the West. (How ironic that the pro-commie, back-stabbing Westerners usually had too much money, not too little; too much education, not too little!)

    In the murky, machinistic world of covert observation of the enemy and counter-intelligence (nice term!), almost nothing was as it seemed or should be. Only Westerners loved the ideals, and harbored sincere, fervent hopes, of Eastern ideology. Only Easterners loved the ideals, and harbored sincere, fervent hopes, of Western ideology.

    But in the Game of Life you have to choose sides. And you have to act on it. This is true no matter how ignorant you are and no matter how unappealing the alternatives.

    In the words of the movie Rebel Without a Cause: "you gotta do something" no matter how foolish. In the words of the cartoonist R.Crumb: you gotta "keep on truckin'" no matter how hopeless.      [from August 19th, 2005]

    'Natural Law'

    Natural Law is the law of the world. It supercedes and voids any and all imperfect and tyrannical man-made laws. The United States' Constitution is not, as it claims, "the law of the land." Rather, a pure law of absolute justice, which is founded upon equal and complete freedom for all, is the true governing law of America and every other country.

    Human-created or "positive" law rests upon, and derives all its legitimate authority from, Natural Law. Any applied or terrestial law which violates real law or Natural Law is necessarily tyrannical, criminal, illegitimate, and non-authoritative.

    Natural Law is law in accordance with social physical morality. It's ineluctably based upon the laws of Mother Nature and human nature. As Cicero observed two thousand years ago: "True law is right reason in agreement with Nature." It is proper and accurate rational thought applied to political science and group governance.

    Natural Law demands and commands that any given state or polity focus entirely on individual rights and complete utter individual liberty. The entire orientation of any moral government must be that of personal freedom. The result of this will be political perfection and universal liberty. An unalloyed and successful focus on Natural Law results in a libertarian paradise which is founded upon, as Cicero put it, "an eternal and unchangeable law which is valid for all nations and all times."      [from August 4th, 2005]

    'Our Crazy World'

    Neurotics, psychotics, sociopaths, and various other lunatics are all people who have a mental and psychological disease. But most mental cases aren't basket cases. They simply lack something in the way of purpose, focus, direction, drive, ambition, energy, and excitement.

    To a minor but still significant extent these are people with brain disease or a chemical imbalance. If properly diagnosed by a competent psychiatrist, these guys can usually be cured with drugs. But it's important that the schizos and other folks with nervous conditions stay on their meds -- usually for life. Otherwise they'll wack out on us and have another nervous breakdown.

    Ocassionally, surgery to the thyroid, pituitary, hypothalmus, or some such can permanently cure the problem. But nowadays rarely are mental defects directly, clearly, cleanly traceable to gross, obvious, physical defects.

    To an extent, all these ments lack self-discipline, honesty, and courage in facing their problems and confronting their inner demons. Moral uplift and character improvement would help considerably.

    To a great extent, however, society has fucked these poor people up with its cruel, evil, irrational, illiberal philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Their parents, teachers, preachers, leaders, and heroes have created a morally depraved civilization with a social atmosphere and personal ethos which has infected and corrupted them. Today's society has taken these healthy innocents and hideously debauched, degraded, ravaged, and savaged them both intellectually and psycho-spiritually.

    In the end, it almost always helps for these people to gain a deep, detailed knowledge of their condition and its etiology. They need to learn how the world fucked them over in childhood. And how and why it still does. Knowledge combined with virtue is the key to mental and psychological healing and health.      [from July 7th, 2005]

    'The Nature of Evil'

    What is evil? Personal evil is making yourself unhappy. This is paramount. Social evil is making others unhappy. This is important too.

    Personal evil is "being thy brother's keeper" or "loving thy neighbor as thyself" or "loving a stranger ahead of thyself." All this is extreme personal perversion and corruption. This is personal betrayal and treason. This is suicide, self-vivisection, and medieval torture on yourself.

    Personal evil is also refusing to think, work, or try -- refusing to achieve, accomplish something, or make something of yourself and your life.

    Personal evil is abasing, lowering, and reducing yourself to parasitism and predation by stealing for a living -- by not creating, accomplishing, and achieving for a living.

    Personal evil is lying to yourself -- the easiest and worst lies of all. This is refusing to face facts and acknowledge reality -- to denying and evading the truth.

    Personal evil is also "selling out" or "selling your soul." This is compromising your principles and abandoning your ideals for fame, fortune, power, or prestige.

    Social evil -- on the other hand -- is stealing or criminality, or social parasitism and predation.

    Social evil is lying to others -- especially friends and allies.

    Social evil is backstabbing your friends and allies, or supporting crime and tyranny.

    In the end, personal morality is much more important and much more difficult than social morality. But you shouldn't make yourself or others unhappy. You shouldn't be personally or socially evil.      [from June 10th, 2005]

    'Teaching Freedom For Dummies'

    Before America conquered Afghanistan and Iraq, everyone said America would "win the war but lose the peace." Everyone was right.

    American incompetence in "nation-building" and "teaching democracy" was and is legendary. A child could do better. Well, a pro-freedom liberal child. There is very little in southwest Asia today that looks like "Jeffersonian democracy."

    Bozo America undermines and undercuts herself brutally in Afghanistan and Iraq by at least the following:

  • holding democratic elections far too little far too late, with dreadful security and technical help.

  • failing to enact and uphold a Western-style political system in the interim.

  • appointing commies, jihadis, and flagrantly anti-Western illiberals to power on the 25-man Iraqi Interim Ruling Council.

  • torturing moslem prisoners abroad, which violates the essence of America, the US Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, and Article Six of the UN's Declaration of Human Rights.

  • holding moslem prisoners indefinitely and without charge, which violates the essence of America, the US Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, and Article Seven of the UN's Declaration of Human Rights.

  • maintaining the dictatorship's socialist economic system virtually intact, such as utility subsidies and free monthly baskets of food.

  • maintaining the dictatorship's socialist oil ownership, production, and trade system.

  • keeping Iraq in OPEC.

  • keeping burqas on Afghanis.

  • closing down opposition newspapers and broadcasters.

  • enforcing "victimless crime" and "vice" laws which cause hatred of the West and liberalism in general; this last also results in lawlessness and corruption, while destroying respect for authority and rule of law -- and massively funding terrorism.

    If the goal of the United States' government is to "export freedom" -- and it is -- it couldn't do much worse if it tried.      [from April 15th, 2005]

    'Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy -- And Today's
    Feckless Libertarians and Objectivists'

    A lot of the failure of the proto-liberals -- of the not-quite-right, not-quite-rational libertarians and Objectivists -- can be seen in their response to neo-conservatism. There virtually hasn't been one. Yet neo-conservatism is the dominant and defining ideology of the past generation.

    Ever since Francis Fukuyama's essay 'The End of History?' and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe -- both in 1989 -- the ideology of the West has been fairly consistent. Ever since Samuel Huntington's book 'The Clash of Civilizations' and Bill Clinton's statement "The era of Big Government is over," -- both in 1996 -- the ideology of the West has been fairly clear. That philosophy, belief-system, and foreign policy is neo-conservatism.

    Yet virtually no-one from the intellectually and morally impoverished Objectivist world of ARI, TOC, or SOLO has anything important to say about it. Virtually no-one from the intellectually and morally impoverished libertarian world of the LP and Cato has anything serious to say about it. Even in the post-9/11 era when foreign policy is so important and neo-conservatism is so influential -- the proto-liberals are essentially silent.

    To the extent that these illiberal ideological failures and irrelevancies have anything to say at all, they basically regurgitate the thoughts of the isolationists Ayn Rand and the American Founding Fathers. They also echo the anachronistic, tiresome, anti-social views of the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia.

    But this proto-liberal foreign policy of "Fuck thy neighbor" is hardly noble, proper, or wise. Ignoring terrible evil which is right in your neighborhood is far from decent or humane. For the West to see an indescribably horrific dictatorship like North Korea and then do nothing is the height of social immorality. And almost everyone knows it except the proto-liberals.

    Ultimately, America was right to intervene in Iraq. And it needs to forcibly do so in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Sudan, among others. America needs to adopt a foreign policy based on some version of human solidarity and the Brotherhood of Man, and then liberate the Burmas and Cubas of the world. However poor the current version of Western liberalism is, and however dreadful the Americans have been historically in "nation-building" and "teaching democracy," this is undeniably the right thing to do.

    Too bad the scumbag moron libertarians and Objectivists can't figure this out.      [from March 20th, 2005]

    'Objectivist Cultists'

    For the most part, today's Objectivists are fundamentally docile servile followers of a sad, sick, bizarre kind of pseudo-rational cult. They are not happy, healthy, vibrant, dynamic, heroic adherents of a rational philosophical school. Unlike normal people of independent thought and strong reason, Objectivists are far from free-thinking, open-minded, and high-spirited. They can't accurately be described as rationally confident and serene, and there's little joyous and uplifted about them.

    The overwhelming majority of Objectivists -- historically and even currently -- are grim, overserious, humorless cultists who are emotionally and sexually suppressed and repressed. Divorced from most drives and instincts, they're also essentially braindead, emotionless, emasculated conformists, without imagination or spirit. ("Evaders" and "second-handers" and "social metaphysicians," to use their evil cult-lingo.)

    Today's Objectivists are generally (social) collectivists and (intellectual) authoritarians who take things far too much on faith. They quote Ayn Rand and her robotic Randroid epigones like their words are Writ, Scripture, the Law, and the Bible. They do not refer or adhere to Randian thought like it's the product of philosophical inquiry, rational discourse, or scholarly analysis.

    These people are subhuman androids and cyborgs who are essentially indistinguishable from followers of Lyndon LaRouche or L. Ron Hubbard. These would-be Talibanis are alienated from their own self and life and context, as well as their true thoughts and true feelings, as well as hormones and impulses, psychology and spirituality, wants and needs. They have little contact with, and knowledge of, their own private sacred reality and truth.

    Overall, these asshole "students of Objectivism" are silly, stupid, rediculous, and embarrassing in their attitudes and behavior. As people, these pitiful jerks are sad, sick, bizarre, and evil.

    If most of the followers of a given belief-system are so unhealhy and unhappy --such sickpuppy jackasses of unreason, perversion, and pain -- that has to tell you something about the belief-system itself!      [from February 9th, 2005]

    'Ayn Rand vs. Happiness'

    Ayn Rand was fundamentally a killjoy. Or at least she was in the post-1959 period, when she switched from novelist to philosopher. There was very little light, free, fun-filled pleasure-seeking in her life, thank you very much! She preferred to formally lecture and grimly intellectualize in a way largely meant to punish the world.

    And in the end, she spent way too much time condemning society, and not nearly enough making herself happy. The first is easy, the last quite hard. After 'Atlas Shrugged' she mainly occupied herself with saying "I told you so," rather than writing good novels. Or even good philosophy.

    During the Objectivist Movement of the 1960s, Rand got a great deal of evil pleasure out of verbally lashing her loyalists and acolytes -- out of condemning and exploiting people who genuinely-but-foolishly viewed her as a liberator. Unfortunately for all, her argument and persona was strong enough -- and her charisma strong and seductive enough -- to successfully pose as their friend and ally.

    Ayn Rand sucked the life, energy, and joy out of pretty much every single one of her followers in that era. The same for their independent rationality. This philosophic vampire knew how to inappropriately, wantonly, viciously psychologize and moralize all day long. And she often did. As an evil cult leader, she quietly relished abusing her weak and niave followers.

    In particular, Rand's caricature of, and disinformation about, the rival egoistic philosophy and ethic of hedonism constitutes a massive intellectual fraud. Her cowardice and dishonesty here is considerable. So too her intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

    Ultimately, no-one can understand Rand's philosophical position regarding hedonism without looking at it from a psychological perspective. Hedonists make for very poor cult followers. And Rand knew it -- consciously or unconsciously. Hedonists, Epicureans, Cyrenaics, and most Eudaemonists, etc. are simply too high-minded, open-minded, free-thinking, light-hearted, high-spirited, dynamic, and heroic. And Rand wasn't having any of that! Neither was her Collective. Neither is the evil cult Ayn Rand Institute today.      [from January 23rd, 2005]

    'Axioms Are...Axiomatic'

    Common sense is highly reliable and the natural, normal, conventional, standard human thinking process is extremely trustworthy and powerful. Properly-applied rationality and science are flawless.

    There are no Platonic "forms" or "ideas," nor any Kantian "things-in-themselves," "noumena," "antimonies," or "analytic truths," nor any "a priori" knowledge or truths.

    All knowledge and truths and certainties about reality come to humans via the senses which usually generate coherent unified perceptions which are usually organized into categories or concepts (or "universals") by the rational thinking process i.e. by the information-gathering, problem-solving human brain.

    The basis of all knowledge is axioms or self-evident truths or self-proving propositions or tautologies. There seem to be only three of these:

  • "X is X" or the law of Identity as found in the subject of Grammar.

  • "X = X" or the law of Equality as found in the subject of Mathematics.

  • "if X then X" or the law of Exactity as found in the subject of Logic.

    All these truths are certain, undeniable, and unneeding of proof.

    Still, all three can be utterly inferred and concluded via infinite induction as well. All these axioms are demonstrably true for, say, 42, pomgranate, university, art, beauty, etc. From this we can also deduce the law of Truth: "the truth is true" as found in the subject of Epistemology.

    Objectivists say "Existence exists" and "Humans are conscious" which they claim are axioms. But these seem to be of a lower order or "less certain" as Aristotle would say. We might all be living inside of Keanu Reeves' Matrix which would make these two slightly problematic -- unlike the first three. Objectivists also forget that "We are alive" which goes in between. These four semi-axioms rest upon and are derivative of the first three full axioms.      [from December 23rd, 2004]

    'No Fucking God'

    There's no proof that god exists. There's not even a single piece of evidence in its favor -- no signs given, no prayers answered, no futures predicted, no miracles performed. There's no reason whatsoever to believe in god. Belief in god is, literally and metaphorically, irrational nonsense.

    The five human senses, all scientific sensing devices, human reason and logic, computer reason and logic, and all internal consistency among and between them indicate that no form of supernaturalism or ultrarealism exists. All conceivable evidence and knowable truth emphatically and unambigously agrees: There's no such thing as supersensitive, superrational, supernatural, superreal phenomena or entities. Still less, omnipotent or godly ones. Still less, ones which created humanity, currently guide humanity, and will eventually sit in judgment of humanity on our Doomsday.

    Sorry, folks! There's no fucking god.      [from December 12th, 2004]

    'The Limits of Compassion'

    Buddhists forever talk of the importance and virtue of compassion -- of sympathy and empathy for the fate and suffering of one's fellow man and for all intelligent living creatures. Even the world's newest movement and philosophy -- the Fulan Gong/Dafa of China -- puts the human ideal of "compassion" above that of "wisdom."

    At some point, this is all good. All humans struggle desperately to grasp reality, comprehend life and the Self, minimize pain, and escape death. And all largely fail. So there really is a great commonality and brotherhood of man on this issue, and everyone should respect this.

    Still, our major job vis-a-vis our coevals is not to "feel bad for him" or "put ourself in his shoes and see things from his perspective." In the first place, a lot of this is none of our business. In the second, there's a limit to how much your heart can break for another -- even if you know him deeply and love him dearly. And there's an even stricter limit on how much you can mentally place your unique Self inside of his private and also very special Self.

    When dealing with others, our principal cosmic duty and social moral obligation is to not tyrannize or commit crimes against them (i.e. don't employ aggressive force or financial fraud). Our secondary, but still very important, duty is to not lie to or verbally/spiritually defraud them. These two obligations alone are quite difficult -- especially in today's post-Enlightenment welfare statist, crime-ridden, lieing, cheating world.

    Beyond all this, we should only really help our fellow man briefly and to a limited extent during unexpected emergencies such as saving him form gross physical danger or extreme financial deprivation. Or perhaps from terrible and illegal assault by his leaders or fellows.

    Beyond this what one should do to and with one's fellow human beings (and pets, etc.) is simply share good times and feelings in some truly friendly fashion. But even here the main purpose of "sharing benevolence," "offering generosity," "spreading the spiritual wealth," etc. is to enhance the happiness of the Self -- not one's fellow man.

    Friends should indeed be relatively supportive, loyal, and, well, friendly. Even strangers should be somewhat like this to their random, unknown, fellow man. But all this empathy, sympathy, compassion stuff is limited. It's still a somewhat small social virtue and value by and of itself, and is only of somewhat marginal benefit to one's fellows.

    It's far better for the Buddhists, Fulan Gongers, and all others to much more focus on being a non-criminal and non-supporter of tyranny. After this, they should try hard not to lie so much, and mentally/spiritually defraud their fellow man so much. Without this, all their crocodile tears of compassion are close to worthless -- or worse.      [from November 25th, 2004]

    "The Smasher of Everything"

    Ayn Rand called Immanuel Kant the most evil person in all of human history. As usual, she was right. Kant was the intellectual father of pure cultural illiberalism, pure philosophical unreason, and pure personal and social destruction.

    Kant builds magnificently upon the raw irrationality and depravity of Bishop Berkeley (early 1700s) and David Hume (mid 1700s) while leaving Friedrich Hegel (early 1800s) virtually nothing left to lie about or destroy. Kant (late 1700s) was the kung fu master of empty talk, double talk, and false talk. So too of general nihilism, intellectual skepticism, subjectivism, relativism, and today's deconstructivism. Kant even contributes to Objectivism's tendency toward scholasticism, rationalism, and "intrinsicism."

    No-one writes in a more incompetent, incomprehensible, anfractuous, serpentine, stultifying, stupifying, tortured, tedious, baffling, baroque, ennui-inspiring way. His impure thoughts lead to his impure words which lead to impure deeds done by and to everybody.

    In his limitless and undying hatred of mankind, Kant once said: "Never a straight thing was made from the crooked timber of man." But the fact is: "Never a straight thing was written by the crooked pen of Kant."

    It's hard to imagine a more false and corrupt title than his tour de force first book: The Critique of Pure Reason. And nothing in the whole written universe is more unreadable and presumptuously outrageous than his 500-page (!) Introduction -- his ultra-pretentious "prolegomenon" -- to that Pure Reason abortion.

    Nothing is, or ever can be, more false and evil -- or more non-existent and yet destructive -- than his absurd "noumena" and "things-in-themselves." This "a priori" rot is unprecedented and unequaled. This pure nonsense (literally) and utter bullshit (esthetically) inevitably leads to the (mental) destruction of all real phenomena and the people who depend upon it (i.e. all of us). This nihilism taken to a height and state of perfection ultimately leads -- via Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Khomenei, Osama, etc. -- to utter annihilism.

    His best buddy Moses Mendelssohn had it right: this malicious clown really is "the smasher of everything." All of reality dies and obtains non-existence in his theories -- and all people soon thereafter in the realization of his theories.

    What can be more omni-destructive morally than his Categorical Imperative? Written in his trademark tortured, garbled snytax this ethical "ideal" is as self-repudiating, self-destructive, and universally annihilating as a thing can be.

    If Plato and Aristotle are the two great archetypes of human philosophy -- the Goofus and Gallant of intellectual endeavor and the life of the mind -- then Kant brings alive the pure falsity and evil of Platonic "forms" and "idealism" like never before or since.      [from November 21st, 2004]

    'The Altruistic Movement'

    Ultimately, Ayn Rand saw herself as "the last altruist to end all altruism." But her idea and goal here was hopeless, rediculous, self-contradictory nonsense and -- as was inevitable -- didn't near work. But give this animal-sacrifice philosopher some credit: she sermonized, lectured, hectored, pontificated, bloviated, pychologized, moralized, and viciously hatefully bullied to the very end of her days. So at least she made a valliant effort.

    But as a result of her actions and attitude, the philosophy of Objectivism, as it's practiced today, is fundamentally altruistic. It's all about societal improvement and social conversion, not self-improvement and personal liberation. It's all about convincing others of the "Truth" of the ideology, not enhancing the self while using the truth of the ideology.

    But conquering the world is easy and trivial. Making the Holy Individual happy is hard and ultra-important.

    Unfortunately for all of us, Objectivism nowadays doesn't much tell you how to think clearly, feel deeply, and enjoy life utterly -- so what good is it? Objectivism doesn't much tell you how to dominate important people, score great drugs, win supermodel girlfriends, or earn tens of millions of dollars -- so what good is it? Objectivism doesn't much tell you how to find profound meaning and clear purpose in your life -- so what good is it? Objectivism doesn't much tell you how to live a life which is transcendent and sublime -- a life of spiritual health, wealth, wisdom, and nobility. So what good is it? The supposedly great philosophy of Objectivism almost entirely refuses to tell you how to live a life which is vivacious, thrilling, rich, deep, exalting, dynamic, and heroic. So what the holy hell good is it?

    What Objectivism does excel at is whining about the government, voting conservative/Republican, and refusing to create an alternative political party. What Objectivism does excel at is criticizing and casting out open minds, free spirits, and uplifted souls in banal, tiresome, loser CULT fashion while pitifully claiming "breaches of morality" and intellectual dishonesty on the part of all its rival non-zombie thinkers.

    But this last is something the altruistic, miserable, lonely, alienated, cowardly, slimey, dishonest, irrational, wantonly illiberal Objectivists are usually guilty of.      [from November 15th, 2004]

    'The God Squad'

    The ultimate Samuel Huntingtonesque "clash of civilizations" isn't between today's highly illiberal West and today's highly illiberal Islamdom. After all, both coincide and agree on everything important: a philosophy of religion, an ethics of self-sacrifice, and a polity of welfare statism. Their beliefs and ideals almost entirerly cohere. Both societies and "civilizations" are intensely irrational and culturally identical in their fundamentals.

    The real battle today is between the skepticist-based West of Pythagorus and Plato and the certaintyist-based West of Aristotle and Epicurus. It's highly revealing that in the 200s BC, when cultural liberalism was at its zenith, virtually everyone who was smart and well-educated referred to the Reasonist Aristotleian philosophies of Epicurus and Zeno (the Stoic) as "dogmatic." They were so-described not because these belief-systems and life-styles claimed to know everything based, more-or-less, on faith, but because they claimed to know anything at all -- even the truth of the laws of identity and equality -- based on rationality. Our Western liberal world was in profound and overwhelming trouble even then(!).

    When you consider it carefully, the current culture-clash and battle royale between the West and Islam is surprisingly insipid and close to meaningless. Only when the West has triumphed here will the real fight begin. The true enemies of sane, sober, normal, civilized, happyness-seeking, greatness-seeking people today are the Enlightenment and Age of Reason destroyers known as Berkeley, Hume, and Kant. That and their two leading-edge, direct-action, ultra-demon, annihilationist off-shoots: Moses and Jesus. Even "moderate" skepticist-based jews and christians today are fully capable of besting the worst islamic 9/11ist maniacs on practically any day of the week.      [from November 10th, 2004]

    'Hayek on Liberalism and Liberty'

    In 1973 the great liberal theorist Frederic Hayek wrote: "The liberal conception of freedom has often been described as a merely negative conception, and rightly so. Like peace and justice, it refers to the absence of an evil...The liberal demand for freedom is thus a demand for the removal of all manmade obstacles to individual efforts...The decline of liberal doctrine, beginning in the 1870s, is closely connected with a re-interpretation of freedom as the command over, and usually the provision by the state of, the means of achieving a great variety of particular ends." In this last, Hayek was referring to the Marxist-led perversion of the term liberalism from its original and truer meaning of "freedom and capitalism" to its current and debauched meaning of "soft tyranny and welfare statism."

    There are many ways to look at this devolution of ideology and terminology. Here are some:

  • liberalism went from meaning "opportunity and choice" to meaning "benefits and priveledge"
  • liberalism went from meaning "free behavior" to meaning "free stuff"
  • liberalism went from meaning "free-dom" to meaning "free ride"
  • liberalism went from meaning "freedom to act" to meaning "freedom from work"
  • liberalism went from meaning "freedom from coercion" to meaning "freedom to [lightly, sweetly, democratically] coerce"
  • liberalism went from meaning "freedom from having others tell you what to do" to meaning "freedom to [delicately, gently, for their own good] tell others what to do"
  • liberalism went from meaning "freedom to live as you wish -- and to persue all your wants and needs" to meaning "freedom to make others live as you wish and for you -- and to supply and work for all your wants and needs"
  • liberalism went from meaning "hands off!" government to "helping hand" government -- and fuck Adam Smith's "invisible hand!"      [from October 1st, 2004]

    "Without God, Everything is Permitted"

    In Fyodor Dostoevski's 'The Brothers Karamazov' Ivan Karamazov observes "Without God, everything is permited." Every deep thinker from Nietzsche on down seems to agree. But the truth is "Without god, only humanity is permitted." People must behave. They aren't allowed to waste their existence or perpetrate atrocities. Their implied, implicit, universal, ineluctable, grand Personal Contract and Social Contract forbid them from renouncing their humanity and converting to monsterdom. There is no god in existence to forgive Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Osama, etc. and allow them to get into heaven anyway, provided they sincerely humbly "believe," "confess," "ask forgiveness" or some such.

    All people who believe in god are evil. The level of their evil is equal to the level of their true, honest, sincere belief. They all believe they're allowed to repudiate their humanity and thence utterly abuse their individual existence and massively slaughter their fellow man. But they aren't. Their human nature and quintessence forbids this behavior. It is not "permitted" in the Dostoevskian sense because no god exists to redeem their subhuman, self-destructive, social-destructive behavior.

    In many ways, people are right to note the difference between radical and moderate religious believers. It's important to understand that the somewhat hypocritical "not overly religious" type folks are better than the fundamentalist types. Or that christians are better than moslems, protestants are better than catholics, unitarians are better than protestants, etc.

    In many ways, distinguishing between different types of religious beliefs and practices is helpful and important. But in most ways it isn't. At bottom, all people who believe in god are inhuman, subhuman, humanity-destroying, society-destroying, self-destroying vermin. They are a menace to, and annihilater of, themself and their fellow man.      [from September 25th, 2004]

    'The Evil Moslem Race'

    Ever since the late 1960s, moslem terror has been a prominent and dolorous part of the world scene. Now, why is that? Probably this is the result of two separate and converging factors.

    First was the 1967 Israeli war in which five massive moslem armies were crushed by a country of jewish sissies only 1/50th their size. Arab and moslem humiliation here was tremendous -- and still hurts badly.

    Second was the general worldwide Second Socialist Wave [the first being the 1930s "New Deal"], especially as manifested in supposedly-civilized America and Western Europe. This "hippie generation," "Civil Rights era," "Great Society" movement saw a massive expansion of government power and authority -- and concommitant decline in individual liberty and collective justice.

    So the philosophy of islam was energized and converted into fundamentalist islam while the politics of the welfare state was energized and converted into semi-socialism. These two dominating evil ideologies -- newly radicalized by the '60s -- then combined in the Middle East and elsewhere to create something truly volatile, combustible and horrific.

    One result was 9/11. Another likely result is an upcoming nuclear conflagration in New York, Los Angeles or London.

    But why are moslems so evil in general, and so suseptible to socialism and terrorism in particular? Because unlike judaism and christianity, which were products of the relatively-civilized Helleno-Roman era, their religion was created in the Dark Ages. And unlike judaism and christianity, islam never had a Reformation in response to a Hellenized European Renaissance and Enlightenment. And unlike jews and christians in the West, almost all moslems live in dictatorships.

    This makes the followers of Mohammed three levels of civilization worse. This makes them, as a people, three orders of magnitude more evil. This makes them rather love terrorism. This also makes them an atomic threat to the planet -- and worthy of great hatred.      [from September 20th, 2004]

    'Reasonism for the Mass-Man'

    The dominant philosophy (sic) of the world is christianity. Christ-inanity was initially known as -- and sometimes still is known as -- "Plato for the masses." The intellectuals chose this name well.

    There is a straight-line progression from Pythagoras to the sophists to Plato to the neo-platonist Pyrrho -- and then to "god." This unholy SKEPTICISM defeated Aristotle, rationality, and all the various Reasonists. By the 200s BC or so, the highly-Aristotelean, intensely-rational philosophies of Epicureanism and Stoicism were actually labelled "dogmatism" by serious thinkers and intellectuals. This was because the promoters of reason actually claimed to know something whereas the wiser (sic) neo-platonists and early religionists claimed to know nothing. (And on this last, folks, we can trust them.)

    This flagitious skepticism about all philosophy, knowledge, and certainty -- about truth per se -- soon led to subjectivism and relativism, thence to pure nihilism and pure religion. Plato, "the philosopher of imagination," the philosopher of evil false bullshit, defeated Aristotle and company. No "Aristoteleanism for the masses" ever emerged. And now it's too late.

    Now is the time for "Randianism for the masses." Or some such book like "Objectivism for Dummies." But no such presentation or book currently exists or is even planned for the distant future. Neither ARI nor TOC nor SOLO -- despite their never-ending pitiful propagandization of the hoi polloi -- has a clue that such a work is needed. Nor do they have any ability to create one.

    Ultimately, this job will fall to the liberals -- as will every other damn job of even moderate import. Ah, well. Those foolish, farcical, feckless, fatuous, fucked-up Objectivists would have gotten it wrong anyway.      [from September 15th, 2004]

    'The West's Stolen Oil'

    In many ways, the history of the world over the past 100 years is the history of oil. It's easily the world's most valuable commodity and, one way or the other, plays a prominent role in virtually every war. The post-Industrial Revolution West runs on oil.

    What a disaster, then, when Iran "nationalized" British oil in 1951 and the only response was an impotent British naval blockade coupled with weak support from America and the West. Over the next two decades Britain, France, and America lost virtually all of their legitimately-acquired, rightly-owned -- and ultra-precious oil property. It was seized by powerless "thugs on camels" and non-descript middle-eastern criminals, primitives, and savages.

    This was the biggest theft in the history of man, and has provided trillions; to support and advance raw evil and stunning cultural illiberalism. And via the crucial Western oil workers -- whom the Arabs openly mock as "our white slaves" -- the Western states continue to fund tyranny, terror, and horror to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

    But you wouldn't know it to listen to the libertarians and Objectivists. Very few seem to understand this and virtually none ever mention it. It is a perfectly shocking act of ignorance, dishonesty, and cowardice on their part. Even with the insurrection raging in Iraq -- and countless libertarian/Objectivist analyses of the situation pouring out (see today) -- essentially no-one mentions the root cause of all this evil.

    The reasons for the libertarian and Objectivist depravity is obvious. They don't have the heart or the guts to advocate the proper solution to the problem: TAKE BACK OUR OIL. And the reason the L/Os are so intellectually dishonest and morally cowardly on this issue is, ultimately, they lack the philosophical wherewithal and ideological strength which is necessary -- and which is possessed in abundance by liberals.

    Those libertarian/Objectivist weaklings and losers do the best they can do, probably. But the problem is -- that just isn't very good.      [from September 11th, 2004]

    'The Objectivist Soul'

    Almost everyone in the proto-liberal movement talks about "the human spirit" and our "soul." But what is actually meant by this? The terms are ambiguous, foggy, and pie-in-the-sky amorphous. Libertarians and Objectivists who talk about it are almost nothing but suspicious. They seem like major con-men, like they don't know what they're talking about, and like they're trying to pull a real fast one on us.

    Objectivists in particular seem very dishonest and untrustworthy here. If you don't immediately fall into their hazy, unspecified, ethereal line -- and swallow whatever la-de-da crap they're serving up -- they quickly fall on you, and offer up brutal condemnations for believing in a "malevolent universe" and lacking a "positive sense of life." This is the usual Objectivist bullshit. This is the Objectivist version of mysticism.

    Ayn Rand once said that "That which you call your soul or spirit is your consciousness, and that which you call free will is your mind's freedom to think or not, the only will you have, your only freedom, the choice that controls all the choices you make and determines your life and your character." This is helpful -- but it's too mechanical and simplistic. The above pretty well describes animal souls, but the human soul is more profound, subtle, and complex.

    If any truly Reasonist and liberal thinker wants to take this stuff seriously -- and reclaim it from the dogmatic religiosos and sleazy Objectivists -- then the place to begin is with a good definition. The Ancient Romans coined the term "spiritus" (spirit) and the Old English speakers seemed to model their term "sawol" (soul) upon it.

    It's worth noting here that these two terms were originally secular and not the creation of the fanatical and primitive Hebrews ("Jews"), nor the even more fanatical and savage Hebrew offshoots ("Christians"). Both terms have as their root meaning the idea "breath" in the sense of "source and essence of life."

    Thus the human spirit and soul should probably be redefined today as "life at its truest and most essential" and/or "life at its best and most noble." In this sense, the human being with the finest spirit and soul would be he who has the best and most noble combination of nature, nurture, and self-creation. Any person who has a personal gestalt of physical and mental and psychological magnificence, combined with a well-developed character and personality, combined with high virtue and integrity, combined with a healthy happy upbringing and a full effective education -- such a person can truly be said to be good, great, and heroic. He can also be said to have a "great spirit" and "noble soul" -- something to which everyone can and should pedestrianly, groundedly, concretely, practically, realistically aspire to.      [from September 8th, 2004]

    'Drug Tyranny'

    Drug tyranny destroys the second greatest pleasure known to man -- and some would say it's the first.

    Almost everyone nowadays says that drug enslavement is morally and practically good because it radically diminishes the number of chemical addictions and narcotics deaths in the general population. But statistics in the United States tell another story. 10 million people today consider themselves to be "alcoholics." 40 million consider themselves to be "addicted" to tobacco -- against their will and despite their strong preferences. Meanwhile, despite widespread and easy availability, the number of people chemically ensnared by "hard" drugs and "narcotics" is less than 1/10th.

    Moreover, the death toll in this "war on drugs" is beyond appalling. In America, about 7,000 people die a year from heroin, morphine, cocaine, crack, codeine, methamphetamine, LSD, PCP, etc. But over 100,000 die from alcohol. And over 450,000 die from tobacco. These "soft" drugs murder almost a hundred times as many!

    If drugs were de-tyrannized -- if rank slavery were removed from people's private drug lives -- it's fairly obvious that hard drug deaths would triple or quadruple at most. But soft drug deaths would be virtually wiped out!

    Everyone knows that marijuana is much more fun to take than cigarettes and cigars. Everyone knows that cocaine is much more fun to take than beer and whiskey. Even cowardly, dishonest, worthless Objectivists understand this (altho' they're far too slimey to admit it aloud). The level of sweetness, pleasure and joy that these two drugs alone bring to people's humdrum, depressed lives is almost off the scale.

    The shockingly irrational fanaticism which drives the welfare state's "war on drugs" -- and the stunningly evil "do-gooder" moral code which underlies it -- makes people absolutely miserable, and slaughters more Americans every year than a hundred 9/11s!     [from September 6th, 2004]

    'Liberalism -- According to the Encyclopedias'

    Liberalism or "the culture of reason" began with the Greeks. They're the inventors and creators of philosophy and science. They're the primogenitors of Reason and the subsequent unique society and culture which flowed from it. The ancient Greeks were the first people who were orientated toward rationality and logic in their deep, serious thought; toward individualism and egoism in their ethics; toward individual autonomy and freedom in their politics. They're the Fathers of the best of Western liberal society today -- of our world cleansed of religion, socialism, and the religio-socialist ethic (altruism).

    But you wouldn't know it to read today's encyclopedias. They all say liberalism essentially began with John Locke.

    'The Encyclopedia Britannica' briefly admits that "Liberalism is the culmination of a development that goes back to the Hebrew prophets, the teachings of the pre-Socratics, and the Sermon on the Mount..." Now, it's nice that they give over one partial sentence (out of 300) to the liberal Helleno-Roman world -- before dismissing it entirely. But two of the three points (the religious ones) are flat wrong! And what about mentioning the main liberal thinkers back then: Socrates, Democritus, Aristotle, Epicurus and Zeno?

    'The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy' minutely concedes that liberal culture "has theoretical roots in the writings of Cicero and Machiavelli." Then it moves on completely. But where are the classical Greeks?

    'The Wikopedia Encyclopedia' obscurely avers that liberalism has "philosophical roots going back to the Renaissance traditions of empiricism, humanism and realism of Sir Francis Bacon, Erasmus and Niccolo Machiavelli, respectively." But how about Socrates and Aristotle?

    All three encyclopedias feature 5000-word-plus articles in their entries for "liberalism," but they each only manage a single, half-ass, somewhat contradictory, mostly wrong sentence on the Hellenic roots of liberalism and the culture of reason. But such is the ignorance nowadays of even the best authorities on the subject of liberalism.     [from September 3rd, 2004]

    'A Pure Liberal Version of Freedom'

    Altho' no libertarian or Objectivist currently understands this, "liberty," "justice," and "individual rights" -- when used to refer to government and the law -- are merely separate terms and approaches which refer to the exact same political idea: freedom. This definitive governmental standard, goal, and ideal should be pursued to infinity because it constitutes pure legal perfection.

    But in a limited and mostly linguistic sense, sheer liberty and ultimate freedom aren't desirable -- or even possible. There's no such thing as a "right" to violate rights. There's no such thing as the "freedom" to trespass and erode the freedom of others. Any such belief or theory is contradictory nonsense and self-refuting gibberish.

    Moreover, even the most holy and worthy individual isn't free to violate the fundamental laws of physics and metaphysics. Gravitation and causality are not to be toyed with! Okay, the individual has the right to do so -- but not the ability. Only very superior space aliens can do this -- and only if they're lucky! ;-)

    None of this "unlimited freedom" stuff means that society can't and shouldn't exert fairly enormous influence, control, and "governance" over the individual. Altho' the Sacred Self is truly a thing to be worshiped -- something neither men nor gods should dare to touch -- the collective may indeed impact his life thru the vehicles of social ostracism and economic boycott. Such attacks, especially nowadays, are indeed powerful -- far more so than any lame, pitiful libertarian or Objectivist today admits or knows.     [from August 31st, 2004]

    'Three Parts of the World'

    372 years ago today John Locke was born. He is almost universally regarded as "the father of classical liberalism." And this is precisely what the planet needs much more of today.

    It's well understood these days that what the recently-liberated, post-1989 countries of eastern Europe lack -- and badly need -- is much more cultural liberalism. This would increase the level of freedom in their governments and the level of civilization in their societies. It's also widely or even universally understood today that what the partially-enslaved and savage, post-9/11 countries of Islamdom lack -- and badly need -- is far more cultural liberalism. This would increase the level of freedom in their governments and the level of civilization in their societies. But what nobody seems to understand yet is that what the West lacks -- and badly needs -- is also much more cultural liberalism.

    Just as all countries on earth nowadays are viscerally anti-American -- it's the world's unofficial ideology! -- so too all "Western liberal" nations are passionately anti-Western and emphatically illiberal. This massive tendency toward Western self-hatred and self-destruction is a massive problem. Life can be truly sad in today's naive, ignorant, fundamentally irrational, deeply illiberal Dark Age. But as John Locke once observed, the best "fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it."     [from August 29th, 2004]