The Liberal Mindset
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The Liberal Mind-Set

What is in the ideal liberal mind? How does he think? What is the perfect mental and intellectual approach to all issues and problems?

It isn't that easy to determine this. But it isn't that hard to go beyond the Austrians, libertarians, and Objectivists, either. Here's a good start:

First off, the liberal mind is one of pure rationality. He uses and obeys his brain implicitly. He exercises his rational faculty extensively and adheres to whatever conclusions it draws. In general, the liberal thinker attempts to engage his mind and reason at the highest level humanly possible.

Of course, he listens carefully to emotions too. He pays close asttention to all his various passions, drives, hormones, pheremones, instincts, and fantasies. But all are fundamentally guided by his cold, clinical, thinking, rational mind.

Still, the above isn't enough. A proper and true liberal has to have the right attitude as well.

But what is the ideal and perfect attitude and approach for the massman's simple, direct, pedestrian, quotidian rationality? And what is the proper and best attitude and approach for the intellectual's "life of the mind?"

Moreover, how do you become a great philosopher or creative, inventive, intellectual genius? How do you become really and truly intelligent -- both clever and slick, yet philosophical and wise? How do you continually come up with great, wondrous, fresh, new ideas?

At the very least, how does every single man become and remain a practical, utilitarian, common sensical, continuous innovator? And how does one flat-out become a world revolutionary?

(1) Firstly, you have to have a strong character and high integrity. You have to have lots of intellectual honesty and courage.

(2) Nextly, you have to have a lofty free spirit and wide open mind. You need to resist and fight all internal inhibitions and external barriers. You need to cross boundries and defy restrictions, proscriptions, and prohibitions.

(3) You need to be irreverent, blasphemous, and politically incorrect. You should mock, deride, fleer, and jeer esteemed authority and established tradition. You need to defy every single god you can find.

(4) You also need to have a very high intelligence, if possible.

(5) You also need to get a great education, if possible. Certainly it's useful if you can enhance and expand your intelligence and education all of your life.

(6) You need to have parents, relatives, teachers, and friends with most or all of the above qualities.

(7) You need to have an adolescent mentor with most or all of the above qualities.

(8) Finally, you need to be continually exposed to a rich and wide variety of differing and conflicting ideas, opinions, and views. And to people and life-styles of wildly divergent natures and nurtures.

The ideal liberal thinker and adventurer-in-life will try to experience all the above to extremes -- until he's positively bored and fed-up, or else irritated and annoyed. Then he'll go back to simple, obvious, direct learning and thinking -- to conventional, standard, accepted, established problem-solving, brain-storming, mental exercise, and raw effort. Then he'll alternate between being plodding and dull, and rambunctious and wild.

The ideal liberal mind never stops moving or trying to grow rapidly.