God Really IS Omnipresent and Omnipotent
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God Really IS Omnipresent and Omnipotent

God is evil incarnate, the devil himself, and the Anti-Christ. God crushes our minds, breaks our hearts, and obliterates our souls. And this infinitely revolting and loathsome entity is everywhere and in everything.

In conventional terms, people nowadays almost universally laugh at god and religion. And well they should. No belief-system or pseudo-philosophy could be more silly, foolish, bizarre, and absurd.

Still, all these theistic lies and evils are ultra-powerful. People would do well -- at least in some part -- not to laugh, or to smile with mockery and contempt. They need to gaze upon this flagitious spectacle and mindless eviserating horror with all the grave solemnity and grim seriousness that such a pivotal cultural phenomenon merits.

The fact is that god and religion aren't nearly as impotent and harmless as people generally suppose. Nowadays the average man -- and even the average genius -- simply has no idea what he's dealing with, or the consuming fire he's playing with. Contemporary niavity, ignorance, and fatuosity here is virtually infinite. So too the quiet and implicit readiness, willingness, and ability of the faithful to bring pain, destruction, agony, and misery to all of mankind.

Think god isn't all around us? Think god hasn't gotten into, poisoned, and virtually ruined everything everywhere? Consider:

  • On the day many "rational" "civilized" Westerners are born, they're "blessed" by some priest.

  • Within a few days of birth, some "christian" name is given to them.

  • Within a few weeks, these pure innocents are generally "baptized."

  • In the first few months or years, these vulnerable cherubs often have their delicate genitalia -- their greatest lifelong source of pleasure and happiness -- brutally mutilated forever.

  • Thruout their "god-fearing" lives, many seemingly reasonable and moral people go to church every week, pray every night, and say "grace" every meal.

  • If such people should ever be on trial for their life (god forbid!) these defendants will swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (don't laugh!) "so help me god" -- all while solemnly touching the bible (okay, smile!).

  • And this "good book" with its "gospel truth" and "god's honest truth" is simply ubiquitous -- it's the world's "best seller" EVER.

  • All of America's money -- in the most rational, Age of Reason, Enlightenment-style country of all time -- is imprinted with "in god we trust."

  • According to the Declaration of Independence, America originally sought its freedom from Britain "with a firm reliance on the guidance of Providence."

  • According to the Constitution, all of the priceless rights and liberties of the individual are "endowed by our Creator."

  • All of America's presidents have been men of god who concluded their Oath of Office by swearing "so help me god" with their hand solemnly caressing a bible.

  • Every session of Congress and the Supreme Court opens with a prayer.

  • Every military unit has a chaplain assigned to it.

  • Virtually every American respects, admires, and loves the "Pope," and considers him to be both highly moral and upliftingly spiritual; so too Sister Theresa, Mother Hale, and every other "servant of god" in film, t'v', or pop culture.

  • Just before the sweet executioner comes, a priest arrives demanding that we "confess" and "ask forgiveness" and "make our peace with god." Virtually all Americans do -- whereupon this man of god administers "the last rites" or some such, and then "prays" for our "soul."

  • Once we're seemingly-safely dead, this priest then sermonizes at our funeral and in his church, referring often to "god" in praise and song. Then this "holy" man buries us in the church yard with a tombstone graced by a cross and the years of our god-damned life etched forever "in anno domini."

    Still think god doesn't rule the planet?