The Liberal Institute: Classical Liberalism and Objectivism
The Liberal Institute

'The Liberal Institute' is looking for exceptionally high quality articles which analyze world culture from a liberal or semi-liberal perspective. Most of the pieces should be relatively timeless and focus on Greece, Rome, Europe, America, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Anglo-Saxonia, and Western Civilization. Austrians, libertarians, and Objectivists are particularly encouraged to submit articles. Unfortunately, no real financial compensation can be offered initially beyond a modest honorarium.

Authors maintain full rights to the works submitted, save for possible anthology reprints by this organization. Writers may resell and reprint their articles wherever and whenever they wish. Authors are respectfully requested, but not required, to notify and give credit to the Liberal Institute upon future publication. All writers will be remembered, and stand in good graces with the institute, and be eligible for future compensation.