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Why Do All Those #$!*$#*$!s Hate Us?

So: Why on earth do those uncivilized "third world" bastards and barbaric "developing nation" SOBs hate us so much? Why in hell do those filthy, miserable, stupid, scumbag losers resent and despise us Westerners so bad?

Mostly 'cuz they're slime. But partly 'cuz we're slime.

Mostly those backward "savages" -- as Ayn Rand would have nicely, neatly put it -- are wildly and intensely jealous of our success and world domination. Especially America's. They wish that was them.

So they have one hell of an inferiority complex regarding us. Their insecurity, guilt, shame, and various psychological defense mechanisms seem to kick into overdrive the moment they even think about us.

But they can and do successfully defend themselves, to an extent. Their dreadful and foolish little ideologies do the trick -- at least somewhat. Their Islamic and/or socialist and/or bigoted nationalist belief systems protect them from the evidently agonizing knowledge of the West's relative greatness.

But it's these various self-same poisonous ideologies -- so irrational and illiberal -- that almost entirerly causes them to be inferior in the first place! So relying on these three defense strategies is dubious, to say the least.

Another reason these lowlife primitives hate us is because of what might be called "Randian envy": a ghastly "hatred of the good for being the good." This even includes: "hatred of the great."

So these are the most important points, probably. It isn't really the case -- or at least not much -- that the West has the wrong attitude or foreign policy toward them. We aren't really (unjustifiably) "arrogant" and don't really exercise (unwarranted) "hegemony" as they almost uniformly charge. In turn, we don't really fail to respect their (petty) "dignity" and (dirtbag) "honor".

Indeed, for the most part, the West should be more self-confident and exert more authority over our unhappy illiberal world -- especially the beyond pitiful "turd world."

And as for the over-PC, over-sensitive West eschewing their "humiliation" and granting them our "respect" -- the two things the barbarians seem to crave most -- well, psychological phenomena and reactions like these are things you earn. This they haven't done; nor can we help them here.

Still...Western society isn't nearly as lofty or liberal as we think or claim. We aren't nearly as intellectually well-reasoned, individually liberated, governmentally just, virtuous, admirable, and superior as we semi-honesty believe. And certainly we aren't as great as most of those intellectually lazy, smug, pat, inbred, incestuous, disgusting, revolting Western triumphalist neo-cons think.

And those in the third world know this. We think they don't -- but they do. We think they can't see our hypocracy, weakness, and evil -- but they can. At the very least, we think they shouldn't see our bad points and have no such right and thus should properly suppress, evade, and ignore them: simply pretend they don't exist.

But this is rediculous.

Thus we Westerners really are somwhat unjustifiably arrogant and really do exercise unwarranted hegemony in much of our world dealings. Our behavior is infamous, notorious, and significantly inappropriate. No wonder those guys loathe us! Turns out their terrifying and visceral antipathy isn't nearly as inexplicable as it might at first seem.

And as for those fairly limited number of good principles and beliefs which we Westerners do have in this dreadful dreary 21st Century Dark Age -- we usually fail to fully articulate and live up to them at home. And we certainly don't effectively promote and adhere to them abroad. America wantonly props up dictatorships and amorally, unprincipledly defends tyrannical "friends" all day long.

Western hypocracy, corruption and sleaze is rife. Ideological contradiction and intellectual self-refutation is everywhere. And everyone knows it.

But the West niavely, cynically, presumptuously, superciliously imagines that the lowly "South" and "urine and feces" countries are too dumb and depraved to understand all this. Guess again, Jack!

"Buncha lousy, stinkin', little towelheads, dotheads, niggers, and gooks!" is the secret thought of many of us. But they're really not thus. Indeed, these "underdeveloped" nation folks often see our flaws and failures better than we do! There's actually much to learn here -- if only we would.

Unfortunately for all, almost every one of these genuine insights by these fresh-perspective Non-Westerners is almost invariably accompanied by an absolute medley and grabbag of contradictory and inane pseudo-insights. And the latter overwhelms the former. Real truth and helpful insight jostles with an odd and unlikely assortment of half-truths, irrelevancies, falsities, absurdities, and hilarious-but-unfunny indescribabilities. Even the intellectually astute in the West -- who have the patience of a saint -- generally find it hard and unprofitable to seperate out the good from the bad in this mess.

So ultimately those Non-Westerners have almost no worthwhile insights or useful truths at all! They end up not knowing what they know. And we end up not knowing either. What a sad, awful, pitiful world we all live in!

Getting back to the barbarian third world and the man in the (unpaved) street, one main reason those god-awful freaks and fucks hate us is because we routinely employ "power politics", "Realpolitik", Meternick, Kissinger, "ends justify the means" amorality and immorality to financially support and diplomatically defend their horriffic military dictatorships. The masses suffer mightily from this -- and blame and hate us mightily too. We deserve this.

The Western reason (sic) for quietly advocating and practicing such outrageous political evil is that we have no choice because we're busily involved in cleverly (sic) fighting the old red menace or else the new green one. Basically Western governments argue that we need to support various friendly (sic) tyrannies in order to defeat much more formidable and hostile ones. (But the worm always turns -- usually on us.)

We also argue that we need to back and heavily bribe those usually henious, usually right-wing, military dictatorships in order to "engage" them and thus "exercise influence" over them. But this highly irrational, diminishing-returns reasoning (sic) and policy doesn't work by definition. The dictatorships invariably employ rudimentary logic and refuse to give up more than they gain. So the world suffers a net loss in freedom -- courtesy of the West.

The sad result of all this is that all the good people outside the West learn to distrust, abandon, and betray us while all the bad ones fear us not, as they learn to laugh at and even pity us! Whether East or West, what an absolutely pathetic, miserable, desperate, hopeless, fucked-up world this is!