The Liberal Institute
The Liberal Institute

It is the intent of The Liberal Institute to be nothing less than the best, strongest, most important think tank on the face of the earth. This is to be an organization of high-minded idealists and fiery revolutionaries which can't be intimidated or deterred in their relentless pursuit of the truth. This institution is oriented toward the systematic and rigorous analysis of world culture and philosophy by free-thinking, open-minded, high-spirited, rational individualists and radical intellectuals. Ideally, these are people who are utterly devoted and fearless in their commitment to the happiness, greatness, and transcendence of the Sacred Self -- and to the vitality and prosperity of his society.

The Liberal Institute represents a stunning challenge to, and massive repudiation of, conventional conservo-progressive thought. It also seeks to improve mightily upon avant-garde libertario-Objectivist thought. With virtually all the truth in the world on their side, the libertario-Objectivists embody magnificently failed movements which are vastly in need of emendation and improvement.

The Liberal Institute is a continuation of, and considerable expansion upon, the best of Greek, Roman, European, English, American, Austrian economic, libertarian, and Objectivist thought. It is also a highly radical, but pervasively reasonable, assault upon the general conservatism of current Objectivism. This especially includes the timidity and slight lack of principle of The Objectivist Center and Sense of Life Objectivists, and the cultism and malevolence of the Ayn Rand Institute.

The Liberal Institute is overwhelmingly focused on the advancement of liberal theory and the attainment of "the liberal ideal." It attempts to create a journal of opinion, commentary, and analysis which is second to none in perception and understanding: one which worships only reality and reason, and where nothing is sacred save the truth. It also attempts to create a ferocious, audacious, dynamic, heroic confederation of like-minded souls who generally seek to promote the culture of pure liberalism, and to brutally annihilate all semi-liberal and anti-liberal groups and ideas.

The Liberal Institute is an organization where the impetuous, fearless, limitless pursuit of truth defers to no authority and tradition, nor dogma and partisanship. This is an institution where all can be challenged by all, where none is above harsh and fundamental criticism, and where each contributor is ideally focused on the infinite ascent of man, and the utter triumph of the transcendent, sublime, sacred, priceless, dynamic, heroic individual i.e. you.

"Liberalism," as used on this website, can perhaps best be described as the distilled essence of the best of classical Greek, Roman, European, and American culture particularly as exemplified by Aristotle and Epicurus, Cicero and Lucretius, Locke and Smith, Voltaire and Diderot, Jefferson and Franklin. The culture of liberalism reached its height, at least for the upper classes, during the 1700s and the period of the English, American, and French Revolutions. Fundamentally, liberalism is briefly defined as: the philosophy of reason, rationality, logic, and science; the ethics of individualism, self-interest, and personal happiness; and the politics of liberty, justice, and individual rights. Liberalism is the culture and society of pure reason. It is also the future of mankind.

Because this phenomenon is a very recent discovery and invention, no pure liberal organizations currently exist except this one. Perhaps the best current introduction to purified and perfected liberal culture -- and to seeking the happiness of the individual and his world -- is the 2002 e-book 'Liberal Essays.'

You can also read the transcript of a brief speech given in December, 2002 which helpfully compares and contrasts the culture of liberalism to its closest ally and most formidable competitor: the philosophy of Objectivism.